Matchmaker and dating agency changes dating experience

When seeking to find love again it stands to reason that it requires also finding the RIGHT soulmate!!  But where do we start?  Friends, family and the usual channels to meeting new others dries up, and with Covid restrictions, many public places don’t work right now!!

Dating becomes a necessary evil, as Shannon, our expert matchmaker and relationship therapist hears every day from single guys and ladies suffering dating burnout. BUT, says Shannon, dating can turn around and be a really wonderful experience when we are personally introduced to well-matched and compatible others.  It is a bald fact we need to meet new and fresh prospects in order to firstly, understand the genuine dating landscape, best suited to each of us.

Changing up your dating plan with a dating agency


Dating randomly, or without a real plan, or grabbing at straws, can indeed lead to nothing but disappointment – or worse, even trauma and emotional fallout if we are over-eager and slightly delusional after investing precious life force and energy in someone who turns out NOT meant for us!

Of course, the first port of all to find other singles to date is dating apps, online dating or dating sites and social media platforms. Until we realise this is worse than looking for a needle in a haystack!!

Transforming when dating  – from confused to confident with your matchmaker


Transformation at every level of our being and psyche is a natural result of falling in love, and along with the thrills and excitement also comes the pain of change, surrender of many “old and familiar” comfort zones and patterns, as well as adapting and embracing a new life.  Embrace healthy change today! Your personal dating agency and matchmaker is also a date coach who ensures that we do not make the wrong investment of the heart!! A confidential, discreet and accurate personal introduction fast tracks choices on exploring the more positive choices we are offered!

We do not need to date a million others to find The One, we will find The One in a million right for you!

Enquire today by submitting your Personal Profile (information remains strictly confidential) and tell us what you seek – and let us orientate you to a wonderful way to meet others safely, so you can explore new possibilities!!

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