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The Dark Side of Dating Apps Versus an Expert Matchmaker You Can Trust

When we suck at finding love and looking in all the wrong places!


The world of dating online, dating apps and digital platforms, even social media is challenging work if you are dating seriously and not just into a fling or a hook-up!! It is exhausting, confusing. “What do I do next?” you ask, “Will he/she like me?” and best of all, the question you should ask is “, Am I safe doing this?” when you expose yourself to total strangers.

Smart Singles, especially those who value their social reputation, good standing and privacy, often do not know that expert dating advice and sourcing the RIGHT others who are compatible with you is only a phone call away!  So why wing it alone when you can outsource your search to a reputable and professional dating agency and matchmaker who gets to know you, your needs and dreams well and can devise your own personal “dating by design” strategy according to your personality type, lifestyle and future plans for a “forever after” that lasts the distance?

Shannon is a well-supported and reputable matchmaker who owns MatchVIP. This dating agency mainly provides personal introductions and dating services to well-screened, eligible and authentic single men and women who are exhausted from seeking alone and just not finding what they desire. Her service includes having the right dating image, dating style and dating plan!! Many of her clients have been to therapists who then refer their patients to Shannon once they are ready to find love again.

With a lifetime of experience dealing with the human race and the eternal search for lasting love and even a soulmate, Shannon has just about seen it all and is never judgemental as all are equal in her eyes in matters of the heart. No matter how much fame or fortune, everyone has their setbacks in love – as she knows from her own experiences, love stories that end, to the many failed marriages in this day and age – love is still elusive and highly sort after human need.  As humans (and even in the animal kingdom, some species mate for life), we are hard-wired to love and be loved. When we know what love is, for starters!

Finding Lasting Love And Starting Over With A Dating Agency

Shannon debunks the myth that paying for a decent, professional and ethical dating service is paying for love or even a date!! She says it is true many enquiries she gets do think that by paying a fee, Mr/Ms. Perfect is going to arrive at their door overnight, delivered by magic, and they will sail off into the sunset – or worse, they are expecting a one night stand, fling or hook up! No, there are escort agencies and even dating sites for this! And it is rife on many dating apps, where Single men and women are just looking for fun and a casual fling! You pay for safety and accurate profiling and discreet, friendly personal introductions to suitable prospects.

You do not have to date a million to find The One! Your matchmaker will find you The One in a million!! But!! You will learn all the facts, doable realities and logic, attraction triggers of the opposite sex and how easy love is – when you know-how!

When You Have A Dating Plan, Love Will Find You

Shannon goes on to say that many Singles give up on love and are happy with a fling and hook-up in the hope of it turning into the real deal and MAYBE, just MAYBE lasting love, but that is wishful thinking! Lust is a quick fix, and one night stands may appease the need for love and are fraught with many dangers, one of them being a dreaded STD or worse! Crime is rampant on many dating apps as there are no actual humans checking, and people are working with bots. You are on your own, often already vulnerable and naïve and a target for less than scrupulous types. They spot such a vulnerable person a mile away! Shannon coaches many, many men and women who learnt the hard way! Healing and moving on is easy when you KNOW HOW!

A fee is paid to a dating agency to ensure safety, privacy and exclusivity to be discreetly and virtually introduced one-on-one in an organic process.  You exercise the personal choices you make from the compatible profiles you receive for consideration. When a single man or woman seek love again and values themselves and their future, they want assurance, they are meeting the right calibre of others.

The old-fashioned matchmaker is becoming very fashionable again. Intelligent Singles are more and more realising the advantage of a dating agency with considerable resources to screen, recruit and profile all their members (never invasive) and invest equally back in it. What is the value of a happy, safe and fulfilling relationship that brings all the admiration, approval and unconditional support of a lifetime? There is no amount anyone can put on this – it is invaluable!

Even better when your matchmaker knows your needs, understands your individualism (nobody is perfect, and that is a given), finds out what you ideally seek, your dreams, and what you desire. Guiding you on the realities of your Singles’ landscape, what you can expect, who may be better suited, what THEY seek and what the SECRET is to making everybody’s dreams a reality.

Often fantasy and wishful thinking even sabotage a real chance at love, and as a dating coach explains, firstly, you need to expand your framework of reference.  What exactly informs you what you believe is best for you when you have not had enough experience or only experienced disappointments? Professional matchmaker’s works with the topic of love and relationships in all its forms, every hour of every day – and has many secrets to share on succeeding at finding love!

Are You A Love Magnet? You Are Worthy Of Love If You Date Smart

Are you looking for lasting love? Do you value your future enough to invest in a professional service? Even if you need terms, there are always solutions. You get your value back tenfold. Help is only a call away; please submit your profile on our website,, today, and we will be in touch!! Even if you do NOT date ready, we will get you there sooner than later!!

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