Selecting Your Exclusive Membership

Our most popular and effective contract is the GOLD membership (R7 000-00 for 12 months with a guarantee of minimum 20 intros) which includes designing your individual strategy (everyone should have a game plan, we assist) date ready preparation, guidance and feedback.  We have other packages according to needs and circumstances and can discuss in our no-obligation orientation chat!  Our VIP packages are by invitation only and you are welcome to inquire!!

  • Guaranteed accurate profiling by experts with broad experience in all walks of life.
  • 12 months Membership will be extended for free if by any chance we do not make our guaranteed quota. Our word is our honour!
  • Unlimited amount of selected introductions – the more open-minded and adventurous a member is, the more choices they have before making that life-changing decision to go exclusive, based on both parties criteria and personal requirements that constitute a good match.
  • Guaranteed minimum of 10 intros in first 3 months! By this time we have done your recruitment for YOU! we have screened innumerable profiles and done our talent search to your needs, so that you get the best option at any given time, considering this is a fast moving landscape.
  • Our database is NOT static, meaning members hook up and go exclusive every day, and newbies enter every day! We do not “provide” an instant perfect mate, we provide potential – and this takes application too from your side, with our guidance. We are saving you time and angst on your sifting through thousands of singles, i.e. FB, Tinder or online, in a very safe environment! NO MORE FUTILE and degrading experiences that waste your life force!
  • Always a dedicated, caring and professional service as we invest in you too! Your success is our success! Your personal consultant will guide you on every move so that you maximise your chances, even if it means some constructive critique, if you need it! Our Affiliate expert Love Coaches are available for specialised advice, and are experts in the single dynamic, see our Affiliates page. There is a solution to everything! Never doubt yourself!
  • Guaranteed confidentiality, no electronic/digital matching (only human skill), total privacy, no sites where our members will EVER be seen!
  • Guaranteed all profiles and photos are current and authentic and we only accept high quality photos, and we have professional photographers standing by at a reasonable cost. This is a non-negotiable as our reputation is built on honest delivery, no spooks and mirrors!  What you see is what you get and we want you to be impressed…..and be impressive to your type of partner. We assist with the visual image if needed!

Executive Search Package

The ‘Executive Search’ package is expressly designed for:

  • World class business men and women, time starved entrepreneurs and celebrities (local and international)
  • Highly selective individuals with unique or challenging partner criteria
  • Singles based in challenging locations (outside Gauteng, Cape town and Durban)

Contact MatchVIP at for further information about the Executive Search package.