Finding Love after a loss

New Dating Patterns And The Pandemic – Nothing Will Ever Be Quite The Same – It Can Be Better

Shannon, our caring expert matchmaker and date coach has been watching the latest trends in the dating world as the pandemic will be here for a long time to come. There are many new positive developments. Mainly, serious and sincere Singles who truly yearn for a soulmate are tired of all the hype around overwhelming choices on every online dating site and want faster results. Value systems have changed.

It is now common knowledge that dating during the pandemic in the last year was very different and dating habits have changed more than in the past decade! People do not have time to waste and life is precious! Maybe isolation allowed Singles to really ponder their dating habits and wake up to the reality that mostly it is like looking for a needle in a haystack – fuelled by hope – but that hope has a way of waning when lifestyles have been totally transformed by the “new normal” that is controlling our very existence.

Talk To An Expert Dating Agency Today And Let Love Find You

It makes sense then that savvy Singles outsource their search to a professional dating agency that talent scouts for each individual on their database and will only propose compatible personal introductions to the RIGHT prospects where there is at least a 50% chance of love finding them! Investing in a reliable matchmaker and date coach saves time, money and energy! Safe and confidential dating at its best!

Why Search For Love Alone When Your Matchmaker Does All The Work

We applaud those Singles who never give up on their quest to find lasting love, always keeping up the pace and believing that there is someone RIGHT for them when they date consciously with a plan. A professional dating agency, with its unique reach and wide spectrum, with a niche market of authentic and eligible Singles, is not a frivolous or “common garden” and will weed out the time-wasters, and energy vampires for their clients. A private dating service can beat all the odds!

Your Next Date May Be Your Last Date If You Have A Dating Plan

Your turn will come! In the past few months, many of our eligible Singles have gone from wondering in a loveless desert of useless dating to being ecstatically in love in a short space of time. When the timing is right when your heart is ready and your goals realistic, love will find you! Our dating agency encourages all members to explore their singles landscape, expand their framework of reference on what is out there, and never undervalue your own worth – everyone deserves the best in love and happiness! BUT, also do not expect the impossible!! The time has come to be real!

Finding love is not like buying a commodity…it is magic, and when you use your magic, magic happens!! We are often told we are the magicians who helped the magic happen. We are the virtual friend who introduces our other virtual friends one-on-one, almost like meeting at a dinner party, the best thing compared to organic meet-ups.

Let our date coach help hone your flirting skills…step up for yourself…even if it means a little make-over or a little change (try something new)…and soon you will be “unconsciously competent” when meeting new prospects and even better able to decide what is best for you and who will last the distance! Love makes everyone beautiful as it brings out the best in us. If it does not, then we go back to the drawing board!

Please submit your personal profile on our CONTACT US page with a guarantee this is not online but a confidential and personal dating contact directly with our matchmaker, and we will be in touch to discuss your dating needs.

Sending love and light from our hearts to yours, see you soon!

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Fond Regards
Shannon and the team