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Hi dear Shannon and team, trust you are keeping well and the dating agency is keeping up with all the upmarket Singles dating as always, despite these surreal times!! Bruce and I cannot believe the miracle that happened when your successful dating plan for each of us actually made all our dreams come true!! We are no longer just a single guy and a single lady alone out there, love found us and we are a true couple.

We were both so tired of dating the fakes and flakes and mismatched Singles we found when dating on online.  It was destiny that we both decided to find a professional and upmarket dating agency and engage a sensitive matchmaker to end our dating nightmares.  We set out to find a  corporate dating agency because we both preferred personal singles introduction, and we found you really are authentic and sensitive to our needs, and here we are, we have found our soulmates!!

We would never have met if not for your expert skill at matchmaking – and in fact – I did enjoy some two months of elite dating experiences and met some very eligible bachelors, but none were exactly lighting my fire. Safe dating at its best! I loved your date coaching and held on, not just settling for second best.

You knew the moment Bruce joined we were a perfect match and thank goodness I always trust you because his profile was not even ready yet, and I agreed to meet blind (was that then a blind date?), and from the moment our eyes met we knew, we have succeeded in finding love again!

You truly do invest back in us so I am telling all my upmarket single lady friends to stop fooling around and wasting time with dating sites, contact our matchmaking agency and never look back! Your personal singles introductions are very natural and tasteful, thank you!

Love and success to you, from two very happy soulmates,

RM and Bruce

Upmarket Single Finds The Perfect Match With Personal Dating Service

Hi there Shannon and Team,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the amazing journey with your matchmaking agency!! I was so nervous in the beginning because my dating experiences (and believe me I have tried everything) were exhausting, stressful and even expensive. I was not sure about paying a fee for such a simple (supposedly) matter of finding love out there, like, am I so useless I can’t do it alone and need help? Firstly, the fee you charge is nothing compared to the money I wasted on endless swiping, studying profiles, endless calls and worse, thinking I had got it right (a few times, only to be disappointed once again, what was wrong with me?) and all the gifting, dinners and emotional investment later, was a huge loss. I am a busy businessman and time is money too.

Your introduction to your methods and dating processes were an eye opener – I had been doing it all wrong!! Despite the fact I had all the guts and passion to never stop trying, social skills and confidence, what was missing was HOW THE GAMES OF LOVE really play out!! For starters, I thought I knew the mind of the female of the species and all I had to do was get to know ‘her heart’…..how wrong I was! It is not called a “game” for no reason! You are amazing coaches and took me in no time to a new level. Your service is as close to an ‘organic’ way of meeting prospects as being a guest in your home. Thanks for all the great intros, I have met amazing ladies, made some good friends and hoping my new flame is The One…wish me luck!

I was attracted to your service by the fact you deal mainly with intelligent Singles, people who at least do not think love is a game and play ruthlessly, and more important, you are non-judgmental and there is no discrimination but civil standards need to apply – money does not buy love – heart and soul will always triumph. Ego does not count and love is a divine gift available to us all who stick to the basics.


My eternal thanks to you and a ‘fan forever’! I am available as a reference any day!


How An Executive Single CEO And Eligible Lawyer Found Love

Thank you, Shannon and Team,

I was very sceptical when I heard about your dating agency and matchmaking service! Then everything changed like a light went on! I need to share my success story! From the moment I submitted my personal details, I have enjoyed nothing but the best dating experiences and friendly care from you guys!!  I soon learnt what you mean by “smart dating”. When we have a plan of action and experienced matchmaker things get easier so thanks for all the insights and wisdom. I have fallen in love with the most perfect lady who is RIGHT FOR ME!!

After leading me through the joining process I understood how it works and once my profile was ready I was blown away by the great personal introductions that saved me tons of anxiety and fear.  I knew who I was meeting before we even said “hello” and this made all the difference. You really did select the best compatible matches!

It is not that I could not meet lovely ladies but I seemed to always choose the wrong prospects for the wrong reasons! Or they targeted me for the wrong reasons! Now we can close my file as I believe I have found my “forever after”, thank to your dating guidance.

Much appreciated and sending my warmest wishes for all your lovely members,


Finding Love Again After 40 Was Not So Difficult

Hi dear Shannon and Team,

I have to thank you for the amazing service and care I have enjoyed with your dating agency and date coaching! I truly tried every platform out there to find someone I would maybe find a love connection with, and despite dating myself into a coma and sifting through tons of profiles, there were only a bunch of “maybes” (and plenty of fakes and flakes) and I really started to believe us over 40’s ladies have a hard time finding the real thing on this search. Now DS and I are very much in love and we are getting to know each other better every day, please keep motivating and guiding as you have been, because as you say, the pathway to love can be a bumpy one as we adjust and begin to become “as one”. Our journey so far has been wonderful.

I realised your advice to firstly change my mindset on age range was invaluable. Although I do not feel like a 40-something or even look like one, it makes sense that quality bachelors my age (or younger) can find younger ladies – so why try to compete!! That was a no-brainer! Just raising my age limit and keeping opening mind and exploring as you say, changed everything. Although DS is 8 years older he is like me, eternally young and in fabulous shape and so active I battle to keep up! Well done all round, we found our niche together! He thinks I am his moon, stars and sun and can’t believe what a good fit we are! No more competition angst for either of us – we belong together, warts and all!


Fondest regards in gratitude,

A Profound And Magical Moment – Love Found Us

Hello lovely Shannon

I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful snuggly weather. The upcoming full moon is pulling its magic and guidance on us. How much better can it get 😊

PD and I have seriously HIT IT OFF 😍 and as short as time has been we have decided to continue together on a journey. We just know! No “conditions” and “if we this or that” as nothing can get in the way and everything is negotiable. It feels like we have known each other forever and we just fit together like a hand in a glove and so instinctively just “feel” each other, no words can describe – it must be what gurus always talk about, destiny – an instant past life jolt of a long-awaited re-connection from lifetimes ago. It’s been a profound experience and a magical week. Every day it just gets stronger as we discover more about each other. This is my TWIN FLAME!!

So I don’t need any new profiles to come my way.

Yay 😁 Thank you for sending this beautiful man into my heart space. You worked your magic.

I have so loved the beautiful chats we have had. You truly are a shining light who has spun your wisdom and kindness into my Being. 💖

Love, light and blessings

Love Found Us Even If A Roller Coaster Ride

Dear Shannon and Team,

We really loved the message in your CLUB NEWS and blogs on the art of flirting – we may never have recognised the silent messages in our interactions that we were actually very drawn to each other and sometimes it is true – never over complicate – nature has a way of helping us bring on our flirt!

GW and I can be a roller coaster at times but it’s getting better – we have lots of fun and we really do not want to be with anyone else, it must be love? We have learnt not to assume but rather understand a situation objectively before going into a paranoid coma!! You are right, it is so counter-intuitive to be insecure and allow subjectivity to rule common sense. It is just fear of failure. Thanks for helping me stay and work on things that worried me when things got hectic and not doing a runner! Staying opened my eyes.

Thanks for the amazing service you provide – I can attribute some of my best times to people you have introduced me to, and you have made my life happier than it would otherwise have been. I mean this sincerely as a professional man who supposedly has it all and as a calculated risk taker, because all my introductions have been to awesome ladies even if not the final choice, and I learnt much about my authentic self. And maybe I learnt to find love this time. I get you now on why you encourage us to EXPLORE!!

I’m really glad you are open-minded about the complexities of dating and taking time to support us – makes it so much easier to be authentic about who we really are inside. Just the way we are!



P.S. I think you are the best, and the way you accept and handle people with more adventurous dispositions is really cool

Finding Love Again! Confident Dating With My Date Coach

Dear Shannon

I wanted to thank you and your team for taking the time during my sign-up process with your agency to understand not only my needs, but also my personality, likes and desires.

The candidates I have met in this short term have been remarkable!

The service really is much more I could have asked for and the support and coaching has been invaluable.

After my divorce was finalised I felt alone and unsure of how to begin over… The scariest part of losing the person you thought you will spend forever with is “am I good enough to love again?”…. So many questions, where do I begin, do I even want to try again? But with your guidance I have seen that, yes, I am worthy of love again and I have so much to give.

I look forward to meeting my next candidates and value your advice and support!


Regards xx


My Dating Struggles Are Over – I Should Have Joined My Dating Agency Years Ago

Hello Shannon and Team,

I have only been a member for a few weeks and your standard of professionalism, especially for professional Singles like me, is extra-ordinary. I feel valued, well supported and the heart you put into everything you do is inspiring. Dating is now easy, natural and very comfortable and yes, the hype and razz-ma-tazz are so unnecessary, it is just starting with a warm “hello” and nature does the rest…..after you have done your magical intros.

You are sending me absolutely beautiful souls! I should have done this years ago !! Your guidance has fast-tracked my life, I know it!

I cannot compare my experiences with MatchVIP so far to any other dating site I ever tried, and I can assure you, I was nearly suffering burn out from futile searching for love on my own. You guys are the best!!!

Much Love


The Best Valentine Weekend Of My Life - Got My First Kiss Too

Good morning Shannon and Alma,

I am walking on Cloud 9!! Just an update that all is going really well with DB and me after 3 dates, and the whole weekend was a Valentine weekend, he is the most amazing guy I have ever met, thanks to my special caring dating agency and matchmaker. He brought me beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day. We get on so well we met on Saturday and on Sunday.

Also got my first kiss from he is a real gentleman.

I can chat to him for hours on end and don’t want to leave his side. I know he is very smart, but somehow I keep up with him and also always eager to learn more as he is also wise and mature, and we never stop laughing – you were right – he has a wicked sense of humour blended with irony. I also know we need to take things slow. ……….and I know he is really honouring and respecting me!

I’ve never met a great person like him. We are going on a picnic date on Friday… that’s if my boss approves my request for a day’s leave.

There is just something about him that does not make me feel insecure around him. Like all the other intros I felt very insecure and not worldly enough. I know I have met a man who is patient and caring, my heart is safe, even if early days.

So looking forward to my long weekend yay!

Love to you all too, and thanks for the fairy dust and moonbeams,

The Worst Year In History Was Our Best Year Ever - Happily Married And Loving It!

Hi dearest Shannon and Team,

Indeed, the best news ever is we got married two weeks ago in a private ceremony as we could not outwait the pandemic (and lockdowns) any longer, and we are the happiest couple on the planet!! We wish we could have invited you to share the joy, but we will plan a simple beach ceremony when we can.

Dating during hard lockdown proved challenging but we were very creative and nothing was going to stop us once we found our love was truly growing daily – everything is possible and living in the NOW meant we did not forfeit Fate’s bounty by not trying when love comes knocking you have one chance. We had a ton of fun actually!

I personally enjoyed my journey to finding love again with you guys, every moment and very much! I learnt a lot and made some very awesome friends that will always be part of my life, as not one guy I met through your dating agency was ever ‘strange or flaky’ – I learnt new values and you guided me well to make the RIGHT choice, and the moment Deon and I met, I just knew it in my heart, and obviously, so did he! I have been adored, respected, felt safe and know we have something magical that will last a lifetime. And my love for him knows no boundaries, we fit together perfectly in that dance you call the ‘tango of love’ as we sway in harmony and already building a legacy.

Our message to others out there yearning for that special divine gift of lasting love – never give up, and always listen to your heart, never make choices you may regret, and get guidance if you need it! Personal intros are the safe and informal way to safely meet the right others, and that is half the battle, finding those you not only find visually attractive but also connect at a heart and mind level. And never throw away a great opportunity based on assumptions – you have to do the work and meet everyone, even if then not for you, you know the choice to not invest it the right choice, not negative or a failure (real failure is when you do not even try), as you saved yourself a lot of anguish later.

Please keep sending your CLUB NEWS as we always learn something, and a quick read is better than hours browsing, you always give really good advice!!

Much love to you all, our ‘virtual family’, and we will let you know when we do the beach thing!!

Mica and Deon