Testimonial – Succeed At Love

I just want to give the happy news that me and SG, which I met through Matchvip in March 2015 got married on 22 April this year and we are as happy as can be!!!😁

We searched long and far for our match and soulmate and MatchVip ensured that we met, holding our hand through the process. MatchVip’s transparant, honest and thorough process really works and produces amazing results!😁

Thank you for playing the most important role in my and SG’s happiness! 😊

Best regards

A very happy marriage, thank you MatchVIP

After going on several first dates, I realised that I am not good at this… MatchVIP suggested Date coaching. What a wonderful experience!! I learned SO much about myself, the way I must present myself, where to meet men and how to communicate with men. Thank you for changing my life. You are the best!

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Thank you so much for your honesty for not signing me up and wasting my time. This was my first time and I was a bit worried about whether a matchmaker would just string me along or not. Thank you for giving me the courage to not be fearful of the unknown because there are more honest people out there than dishonest ones. That is why I would like to sign my daughter up with you. Her name is C and she is a film maker. She is a beautiful and very intelligent young women. Thank you MatchVIP, take care and stay blessed.

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