Testimonial – Succeed At Love

Finding Love Again! Confident Dating With My Date Coach

Dear Shannon

I wanted to thank you and your team for taking the time during my sign-up process with your agency to understand not only my needs, but also my personality, likes and desires.

The candidates I have met in this short term have been remarkable!

The service really is much more I could have asked for and the support and coaching has been invaluable.

After my divorce was finalised I felt alone and unsure of how to begin over… The scariest part of losing the person you thought you will spend forever with is “am I good enough to love again?”…. So many questions, where do I begin, do I even want to try again? But with your guidance I have seen that, yes, I am worthy of love again and I have so much to give.

I look forward to meeting my next candidates and value your advice and support!


Regards xx


My Dating Struggles Are Over – I Should Have Joined My Dating Agency Years Ago

Hello Shannon and Team,

I have only been a member for a few weeks and your standard of professionalism, especially for professional Singles like me, is extra-ordinary. I feel valued, well supported and the heart you put into everything you do is inspiring. Dating is now easy, natural and very comfortable and yes, the hype and razz-ma-tazz are so unnecessary, it is just starting with a warm “hello” and nature does the rest…..after you have done your magical intros.

You are sending me absolutely beautiful souls! I should have done this years ago !! Your guidance has fast-tracked my life, I know it!

I cannot compare my experiences with MatchVIP so far to any other dating site I ever tried, and I can assure you, I was nearly suffering burn out from futile searching for love on my own. You guys are the best!!!

Much Love


The Best Valentine Weekend Of My Life - Got My First Kiss Too

Good morning Shannon and Alma,

I am walking on Cloud 9!! Just an update that all is going really well with DB and me after 3 dates, and the whole weekend was a Valentine weekend, he is the most amazing guy I have ever met, thanks to my special caring dating agency and matchmaker. He brought me beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day. We get on so well we met on Saturday and on Sunday.

Also got my first kiss from he is a real gentleman.

I can chat to him for hours on end and don’t want to leave his side. I know he is very smart, but somehow I keep up with him and also always eager to learn more as he is also wise and mature, and we never stop laughing – you were right – he has a wicked sense of humour blended with irony. I also know we need to take things slow. ……….and I know he is really honouring and respecting me!

I’ve never met a great person like him. We are going on a picnic date on Friday… that’s if my boss approves my request for a day’s leave.

There is just something about him that does not make me feel insecure around him. Like all the other intros I felt very insecure and not worldly enough. I know I have met a man who is patient and caring, my heart is safe, even if early days.

So looking forward to my long weekend yay!

Love to you all too, and thanks for the fairy dust and moonbeams,

The Worst Year In History Was Our Best Year Ever - Happily Married And Loving It!

Hi dearest Shannon and Team,

Indeed, the best news ever is we got married two weeks ago in a private ceremony as we could not outwait the pandemic (and lockdowns) any longer, and we are the happiest couple on the planet!! We wish we could have invited you to share the joy, but we will plan a simple beach ceremony when we can.

Dating during hard lockdown proved challenging but we were very creative and nothing was going to stop us once we found our love was truly growing daily – everything is possible and living in the NOW meant we did not forfeit Fate’s bounty by not trying when love comes knocking you have one chance. We had a ton of fun actually!

I personally enjoyed my journey to finding love again with you guys, every moment and very much! I learnt a lot and made some very awesome friends that will always be part of my life, as not one guy I met through your dating agency was ever ‘strange or flaky’ – I learnt new values and you guided me well to make the RIGHT choice, and the moment Deon and I met, I just knew it in my heart, and obviously, so did he! I have been adored, respected, felt safe and know we have something magical that will last a lifetime. And my love for him knows no boundaries, we fit together perfectly in that dance you call the ‘tango of love’ as we sway in harmony and already building a legacy.

Our message to others out there yearning for that special divine gift of lasting love – never give up, and always listen to your heart, never make choices you may regret, and get guidance if you need it! Personal intros are the safe and informal way to safely meet the right others, and that is half the battle, finding those you not only find visually attractive but also connect at a heart and mind level. And never throw away a great opportunity based on assumptions – you have to do the work and meet everyone, even if then not for you, you know the choice to not invest it the right choice, not negative or a failure (real failure is when you do not even try), as you saved yourself a lot of anguish later.

Please keep sending your CLUB NEWS as we always learn something, and a quick read is better than hours browsing, you always give really good advice!!

Much love to you all, our ‘virtual family’, and we will let you know when we do the beach thing!!

Mica and Deon

Your matching skills are legendary!

Hey Shannon

Hope you’re well and having a lovely weekend!

So… Alan and I have had an absolutely awesome 3 weeks together 🙂 There’s just something so special about our connection. And he makes me laugh till I cry! He’s heading back home tomorrow, and we’ve decided that we’d like to give this a chance exclusively, and see where it goes.

It has been a short, powerful and amazing journey with you so far and I was preparing for a longggggg ‘journey’ with you. My scepticism was due to totally poor experiences after trying upmarket online dating, other dating sites, Tinder and worse. Before I joined your dating agency, it was a waste of energy, never finding anyone even slightly remarkable or who made me want to explore, unless I under-valued myself, but I knew I was worthy of the right guy. Your matching skills are legendary! You were so right, love finds us if it is the RIGHT person and I am smitten, shaken and stirred in a way I never thought was possible!! What a fabulous guy!

Even our doggies get on well!!!

With that in mind, please could we hold off on matches for the time being?

Thank you, from the bottom of my happy heart 🙂

We’ll keep you posted, I’m sure……and yes, we make a great team!



PS. I have let Paul know that we won’t be moving forward romantically. I have no doubt you’ll find him an awesome match, he’s a really fabulous guy. There was also potential but it was not meant to be. Where do you find these awesome guys, LOL!

My Awesome Matchmaker Is A Genius – Certainly Not Just A Dating Site

Dear Shannon and Team,

I just want you to know that you guys have true genius in the world of dating for Singles like me, including your relationship guidance and date coaching. I cannot explain enough how my dating frustrations were driving me insane until I found your dating service. I thought a matchmaker was something from an old movie until I found your details and realised I could have a whole team of experts under one virtual roof looking after my most sensitive needs, my heart’s longing for someone to cherish.

I was truly going to give up and just quit all those dating sites and stay single forever. Then you changed everything in a few weeks. A dating agency is nothing like an online dating site where you are alone in your efforts! Not only that, your guidance and feedback helped me understand what ‘dating’ is really all about and to understand that circulating and being personally introduced to likeminded Singles was key to exploring what is out there in a safe environment.

I adjusted my mindset when it was clear nobody can ‘date’ somebody they pick off a website (like buying from a catalogue) and expect love to arrive as a gift wrapped item, until they have explored potential and actually found a spark of real attraction. Game on!! Dating games gone!

Thank you for introducing me to many awesome Singles, and now I have met my “forever after” I also have a great new circle of friends I can trust and enjoy, friends who are still seeking and practical that we cannot love everyone. We agreed to be friends and it is great.

Now I know that love is a divine gift when shared with that Significant Other, between two humans who thrive on love, and that friendship is also a divine gift with others I may never have met. It was a priceless experience meeting everyone even if not totally for me until I met The One!

Thank you for your relationship guidance and bringing lasting love to my heart.

Brian M

I cannot believe how things have changed for me!

Dearest Shannon and Alma,

I cannot believe how things have changed for me in just 2 months! I have been introduced to really great guys and suddenly I am spinning off the walls! Even with the challenges of meeting during lockdown with COVID-19, love seems to have found us! I have not had one doubt or uncomfortable moment with you.

Thank you! I have absolutely no doubt that there will be chemistry now 🙂 RC really does seem to tick all my boxes, which is absolutely crazy!! And I feel very lucky that our paths have crossed! So thank you for connecting us. We would never have even known the other existed if it were not for your caring and warm service. I made the best investment of my life when joining you.

I am very excited to see where this goes as so far he is really putting in effort…….we have had to take it slow and I understand now why you say never rush it! The wait to meet was worth it and gave us time to really bond…and he has gone out of his way to make me feel very special and I have no doubt about his integrity as we find out more…… it’s part of the journey and it is so worth it.

Thanks again! And I am looking forward to what is still to come.

Much appreciated,


I am very pleased with progress, many thanks for changing my dating experience!

Dear Shannon

I hope this finds you well? I am very thrilled!! So far I have been contacted by 9 guys since I joined in May 2020, and still talking to 4……whether there is a spark yet (because of lockdown and not being able to really meet except on video call) we won’t know, and certainly, they are all very super and eligible. I have had no bad experiences and my confidence has grown daily – so I must thank you too for guiding and coaching me on “expanding my framework of reference” on what is out there!! My woes of the past are behind me and I see now I was being a “people pleaser” (or “guy pleaser”) and being played! Now I am using my ‘feminine power’ much better, thanks again!

It Is True When Your Matchmaker Says Hang In, Love Will Find You

Dear Shannon

Thank you for the introduction to CBD. I just wanted to tell you that after meeting him, I wish to ask you to not send me any further introductions.

Chris and I have had numerous dates within the last week and I am absolutely blown away. He is amazing!

You were absolutely correct. He is super intelligent, interesting, witty, adventurous, funny, kind, charming… Basically I could list every single adjective that you wrote in his profile about him because they are all true…….and more, a more warm and candid guy would be a rare find.

I will, however, list the ones that have really made the biggest impression on me. He is a man’s man, but an old school gentleman and always makes me feel like a lady! I have listened to some of his adventures and I can’t wait to hopefully explore that side of him further! He also has me in absolute stitches with the hilarious jokes he tells me, not silly but truly funny, and laughing at life. I really can’t do anything but smile when I’m in his company.

He is kind and considerate. He is very honest and does not shy away from any topic of conversation. His love for his pets really warms my heart, as I can’t imagine my life without pets.

The intelligent conversations we have to leave me blown away and finding myself at a loss of words (which is certainly not an easy task as I’m a regular Chatty Cathy). But we can chat about almost any topic, load shedding, coronavirus, traffic and the conversation can be both serious and he can find the humorous side of things at the same time.

He is definitely a unicorn. I cannot believe he has not to be snapped up already! But truly the other girls’ losses are my gain.

Although it’s still early days, I do not want to meet anyone else at this point and would rather focus on the connection I have with this amazing guy.

Hope you enjoy your weekend further.

Thank you again for this amazing introduction.

Warm regards

A Confident Bachelor Finally Understands Women!

Thanks for the input dear Shannon! I cannot begin to explain and thank you enough for all the guidance and fantastic coaching (and awesome intros to the loveliest ladies in SA!) I have received. I now understand why you say we all need a “frame of reference” on the dating game before we go out like bulls in a china shop!! I was the worst bull!! Despite being a scientist and doctor and a man of the world and good standing, and taking 20 years to understand life at a cellular level, I realise I knew little about the female of the species. My dating style at best was a bunch of flowers and, I hate to admit, trying to be a lady pleaser, which got me nowhere most of the time. Please see below what I have sussed out!

The ladies do have their insecurities and trust does not always come easy or quickly at all of course.

One must tread slowly and carefully every step of the way but must make sure you move enough and make the right moves at the right times. They like a confident and strong man who is not afraid.

A lesson I have learned is to be very honest and very communicative very early, talking a lot about steps, respects and the gradual process of getting to know. Know quickly what they require in the physical arena (hands and hugs or a bit of cuddling). With anything more…. if move not right or at all uninvited, they will retract into their ever-present shell quickly again. You can clearly feel with the sensitive ones all are of the opinion that men are just too physically demanding and inconsiderate – obviously from experience.

Communicate, communicate and explain how you feel, even own your insecurities and even laugh at yourself (this shows humility and absolute honesty). I am now starting a relationship with a wonderful lady, and she is the type who definitely appreciates this as she is sensitive and particular about expectations and clarity is great security and predictability for her. You caution always, and is so true “a lady must feel safe” and you sure ensure that!

Our two wavelengths are somehow so much better (well) matched thanks to your careful profiling……. one can just sense it at a first meet… and it provided so much confidence for a better chance of a good and happy match. I am treated like a MAN and not a wimp or a means to an end, and then, even more, I want to be more man!! I want to puff out my chest and I walk tall! I feel already I can take bullets for my new flame!

But one has to be alert and quick and so careful, with the sensitive ladies (who seem so strong and confident to the world and in their work) as insecurities cause things to be misinterpreted by them quickly and then their hurt sensors can trigger a mayor very damaging (in confidence and commitment) shutdown, maybe even immediately permanent shutdown. There are often not any second chances with insecure ladies. Please continue to teach your ladies to understand US TOO!!!

Kind regards

Your protégé