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……….and why it feels so bad when it should not – Yes Really!!


Our expert date coach and matchmaker, Shannon, has seen many changes in dating experiences during the pandemic and shares her advice with all those singles seeking love and on the dating trail. Many of us had curved balls are thrown our way in recent months, a reminder from the universe and God that we should never complain, get stuck in a comfort bubble (or be afraid to explore new opportunities or pathways) or under-sell ourselves, or expect the impossible. With determination, objectivity, good spirit and humour we conquer all and by dating the RIGHT others, love will find us.  A serious dating plan will help!

Of course, if everyone said “yes” to every new date it would be fantastic, but the freedom to choose is the natural right of all, so if a “no thanks” whatever the reason may be, is never personal, so we remain objective. In the end, we will find the RIGHT fit!

Dating Agency Fastracks dating success 

Maybe you are not sure if you are ready to love and be loved? We help you find yourself and prepare you well, only dating you when you feel confident!

If we were all perfect it would be easy to find a love match. Everyone would be perfect for each other, and nobody would be single for long. When we need expert advice on important life-changing matters, we all scope out the best experts, not so?? Why is it not then important to get an expert on dating and relationships too?

An expert matchmaker or dating agency knows the Singles lifestyle dynamics and has a plan for every individual they take on board, as we work with and for our members on their needs.

Changing Dating Styles Equals Success 

We embark on your dating journey together offering a safe and reliable platform – and we always caution, single society out there does not change, a soulmate does not arrive out the mist – it is the change in YOU that will manifest new interest in you! We offer compatible and well-screened matches and promote your special value to others we KNOW are looking for someone like YOU!

Fear of rejection when dating 

Today we speak about “rejection” and how it affects us all at different levels ……still a caveman fear at a primal level of being cast out by our tribe, as it meant certain death!  We all want to fit in!!  And sometimes, we are not entirely true to ourselves deep down in order to be what others want us to be? Where do I fit in? A good question…where do we start? How do we meet great prospects and date successfully?….and how to change dynamics starts there.

Many, many newbies tell us they do feel “isolated” in single society for many individual reasons, may not feel good about themselves in general (lack of assurance and self-worth)…not good enough……fearful and wary and it can stem from childhood and not feeling nurtured or understood, difficult teenage years, traumatic love disappointments (remember how your heart broke in Std. 5 because he/she fancied someone else! LOL!) from having expectations in a relationship that ended, even a traumatic divorce, or death/loss of a partner. Your matchmaker understands and has a solution!

Are we scared to trust again because we may be “rejected”? Maybe, and we are here to help heal and trust again. You are here to trust again, and love again! Drop the barriers and let love find you!

 Please enquire today on how we can make a difference! Submit the personal profile and we will book a free interview so you can decide. Change what you doing to get different results. Our expert date coach is also available visit

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