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Dating Sites? Quality or Quantity? The Truth is Finally Out!

More and more genuine and discerning singles are pretty fed-up with endless searching through “large database” singles dating sites, apps and online dating! Singles genuinely seeking a life partner, soul mate or lasting relationship are burning out from frustration and dismay, often thinking “What is wrong with ME!?” as their endless searches through thousands of singles profiles online end in a dead-end street …….or worse, a dating nightmare! And there are many………it is so bad many deserving singles have given up on ever finding love, or resorting to taking reckless risks!

The Difference Between Dating Sites and Personal Matchmakers:

Matchmakers around the world, an ancient profession actually, and often forgotten in the “singles-seeking syndrome” of instant gratification, are finally being recognised for the professional profiling/dating services they offer, by matching individuals according to their needs and criteria, in a caring and safe environment!

Shannon Davidoff, owner of South Africa’s two leading matchmaking and dating agencies for some 14years, with an ear to the ground on trending issues on how to find a new love interest, agrees that the old approach to dating services needs to change. She speaks to gurus around the world, also industry experts on all things singles dating, and can also see a swing away from random dating styles that do not work….from speed dating, dating sites to Tinder, etc…..and back to the good old matchmaker!

Savvy singles CAN find new improved ways to meet eligible single others, since things have changed drastically, even in the last two years! Smart singles have realised a professional matchmaker is a great outsource service, knows their needs, offering date coaching as well, to ensure their dating success. There is a lid for every pot! Your matchmaker will find your fit!

Dating Sites – Just a Free-For-All?

Back around 2004 the world was very hot and excited to jump on the FB platform – the world went digital, suddenly the world opened up and everyone could communicate with everyone! The internet went mad! Everyone was sharing everything! Soon online dating sites followed and singles went crazy, suddenly a plethora of single men and women, all seeking love and relationships, many to choose from – how easy! Me-girl-you-boy and off we go! Yayyyyyyy!!! So why the obvious poor success rate on dating sites? Why the endless search? What is wrong with the picture?

The Real Cost of Finding Lasting Love? Your Matchmaker is Your Best “Outsource” Option!

A matchmaker obviously has a website, but technically, it is NOT a dating site or dating app!! A personal, bespoke and boutique dating service is right here, your dating agency awaits! Your details are NEVER published on any public platform, and introductions are discreetly done, one on one.

Of course, then there are matchmakers and really GOOD matchmakers! Just like any service provider, savvy singles will choose those with the longest track record, the best percentage of demographics, and best success rate, and a professional matchmaker will happily share these details on enquiry. Most matchmakers are also dedicated humanitarians with experience in the human sciences, recruitment and coaching, the objective being to bring couples together, in a loving and supportive “forever after”, very important when raising children down the line!

Your matchmaker is also your best “marketing promoter” too!

Those singles who value their needs, themselves and understand the secret to meeting their kinda others, are happily paying a matchmaker a fee (often the equivalent of a few hundred bucks a month, with some guarantees) according to their budget and needs. Your matchmaker will get to know you personally, walk the journey with you, assist and guide you along the way, and save you all the hassles, hidden costs and time it takes when winging it alone! You are guaranteed confidentiality, privacy and your right to choose who you meet!

We happily await your enquiry, please follow the NEXT STEPS!

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