Single Dating Durban

Single Dating in Durban & Having fun – Make Dating Safe Again

Single Dating Durban


Breaking news in 2019!! Singles dating Durban are begging for a safe and honest platform for dating and meeting likeminded others! Are you one of those many singles in Durban who are simply exhausted from all the nonsense online with dating sites?  Are you one of those professional singles who has secured your privacy on FB and social media to stop the invasion of your privacy?

It is not surprising that the internet is full of articles on making dating great again, or even making dating safe again! The glitter around having access to thousands of other singles is wearing thin as many genuine singles are just finding online sites a nightmare to manoeuvre, and just too much catfishing, false agendas and even some dubious people are using it as an uncensored and under-managed dating app where everything goes down!

The good news is, more than ever, genuine, busy and awesome singles are now finding dating through a professional matchmaker much safer, and a whole lot more fun, as when personally introduced by an expert profiler with a psychology and date coaching background, ensures you meet YOUR kinda others!


Matchmakers are caring


Matchmakers are finally being recognised as caring, dedicated and cautious service providers, ultimately your “friend” who does it the old fashioned way by introducing all their “friends” to each other! This expert matchmaking is a skill and not for the faint of heart….but it works, and the fee is worth it!

Even more interesting is that more eligible bachelors are now using this matchmaking service than ever before, because truly, genuine and love-sick guys are tired of being called “players” simply because they NEED to meet dozens of ladies, court and charm, in their hopes of finding The One …..then they don’t, and get a bad name!

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