Dating Upmarket Ladies in Cape Town

Single Dad Sick of winging it alone – Dating upmarket Ladies in Cape Town

Personal Matchmaking Service


In response to the dozens of requests received lately, and questions “on how does this work” because they have never explored a personal and professional matchmaking service, we are very happy to answer here.

Many comments too on how tiring, exhausting and hard it is to find help when a single Dad or bachelor who is genuinely seeking a woman of his dreams!

Most of these questions are from great guys who are really awesome and eligible bachelors, yearning to find love again and settle with their “forever after” and build a future together, especially as they too have families and need stability and crave a “normal life”. The stigma of being a serial dater or player is a misperception out there, and decent single men dating are misjudged often. What does a guy do if he has to screen and sift hundreds of online profiles, and each one misses the spot!? He gives up! No more!  Here we are!

Unique Dating Approach


Firstly, this unique dating approach we have is that you will (hopefully) be joining your new “community” of upmarket and sincere professional singles through us. After “settling in” you will start receiving one-on-one selected, discreet and authentic introductions to our other members.

It is a journey (forgive the cliché) as in this day and age modern speak is no longer “target market” but is referred to as “your community” you now choose to be part of.  Your “community” is likeminded Singles dating on our qualified database, others we KNOW want the same future, happiness and love YOU seek too!

Brand managers selling cars, cakes or condos, speak of their “community”…….if you are a broker, you belong to a community of wealth builders, for instance.  Now you are “single” you need to understand your new community…..and between you and our agency, in old terms, your target market is the kind of lady you wish to find!  Our job is to find her!

Finding the right lady and right fit also requires being informed. How else can you make that “informed decision” when love strikes? Things may not happen by coincidence or by a stroke of miraculous luck, and we have never witnessed a miracle of world-changing magnitude in dating apps, LOL, so the process of change and transformation starts with a decision…..a decision comes from your deepest primal feelings, your heart-brain which sends messages through a neuro-gateway to your internal hard drive…….a decision then results in a choice of action and you enrol with us…..and we are here to action your choices. Dating can be fun again, and how easy to click with likeminded others?

Imprinting in our brains often needs a shift-shape in order to embrace the new…… new experiences are “felt”…… “ is it for me?”….”is she right for me?”  “How will I know?” …..and we help with this shift because we KNOW “her” too!

Your first need is a simple one …….getting into the 2019 style of “dating”…….although I do not believe adults “date”…….we make friends with a mutual quest to find a lasting bond, and it starts by simply reaching out and making “a friend”…(do you believe that your lover and mate is you’re your best friend?)

….and there is a process you will follow, little protocols we have in place to safe guard you, and many red flags to be aware of, because there are people around with nefarious agendas, disorders of some kind (i.e. what you see is not what you get, sociopaths or worse, very hard to spot when they very smart, we have extreme experience here to share although nobody is perfect)…….so we do our best to protect you from the “funnies”……..

You could choose to wing it alone, join an online site or any other “social medium” and find out for yourself… may get lucky, or you may waste years of time and energy to find it was not satisfactory after all (hope burns eternal it “will get better” if you try harder, but that is not the way of love)……so expectations need to be realistic, and we will figure that out together.

We can get you as “date ready” as possible …… may even bomb out a few times, never seen as failure, but as a valid lesson for the next time …..and neither you nor us want many of these……hence we work closely with you!  This is our “experiential coaching”……….in the moment, hands-on advice, who better from the matchmaker who introduced you both and knows you better than most?  We are always with you, along the way, and success is a fast track if everything is done to a plan!

Standing by to hear from you, please complete and submit the Personal Profile here, and hope we chat soon!