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I am Single and beginning to ask – Is this a new Chronic disease or What?

South African Matchmaker Agency

Shannon, owner of two successful South African matchmaking agencies, and a respected date coach, is being asked every day “What am I doing wrong? I am tired of endless dating and just not meeting anybody suitable. Is there something wrong with me?”

Her report back on this dilemma is that she also hears from the global grape vine that many singles around the world are really a little jaded with online dating.  Real interest in procuring the services of a matchmaker service, as well as date coaching, is a rising trend for those serious about investing in their own future.  An estimated 10 million+ singles out there are seeking seriously, and there seems to be no magic bullet or quick fixes.  What is wrong with the picture?

Have Singles Lost the art of Flirting in the digital age?


Have online sites warped the perspective of singles’ ideas on love and being loveable, and done more harm than good?  Many experts say yes, because the choices are overwhelming and it becomes a sweet shop of easy, quick delights…..and we all know what happens when we overdo things! Shannon says it still comes back to dating by design, having a game plan, and not dating by default.

Of course, happy go-lucky casual flings/friends are still the order of the day, and singles are going crazy on Tinder, Bumble, Zoosk etc., and trying most social media. The chances here are that if you are seriously seeking love, you have around a 10% chance.  Lucky couples find love usually after huge effort, expense (yes, time is money) and many dead ends, and sadly, even at huge risk.

The gurus say that 20% of singles that start with an online site end up with a matchmaker, and growing.  There is really no stigma any longer as smart and savvy singles realise that outsourcing their selection/criteria to a dating expert, is the best avenue. It bodes well for all of us!

More and more singles are realising it is not just a matter of finding someone of the opposite sex who may appeal at first sight!  An instant soul mate is an avatar, a fantasy. Singles need to have a working idea of what engaging with a potential new partner entails.  Opportunity may only knock once!

Expert matchmaker Shannon, who runs two South African matchmaking agencies, sets the stage for her members and ensures they get off to a great start, and then fast tracks the dating process in a safe and positive way.

The yearning for love tells our minds obviously it takes two to tango, we need a man or woman to be that “object of our attention” to be a couple. Singles then start the hunt for a PERSON. In reality, they should be seeking LOVE, and by meeting all potential prospects, love will be a natural process! Love will find you! It is the most natural and God-given gift we receive, the power to fall in love, when conditions are right.