Seeking a soulmate

When seeking a Soulmate, how would you Expect to be Loved by Another?

Message from our Matchmaker

Shannon, an expert matchmaker, working with singes looking for love in South Africa, is often asked: How am I sure I am attracting the right kind of others?

A good start is focussing on how you would like to be loved. How would you like to be treated? What would you expect as a reaction to your “attraction factor”. If you expect to find someone you feel is attractive to you, do you meet their expectation? Amp up your attraction factor to the level you expect to find in others and be rewarded in return for your effort. It starts with an interested “Hello!” if singles are attracted enough to engage.

The word “compatible” is understood now to mean that prospective lovers need to be likeminded, with common interests, even if that common interest is to change, transform and find new paradigms… exploring! Exploring leads to choices, which lead to decisions!

When looking for love, verbal communication is vital as the human mind is not good at guessing, so take the plunge and “speak out”, you may break the ice! Whatsapping also leads to many assumptions in the first stages! Assumptions are the kick-ass killer and a huge deal breaker when seeking a new love!

We all know that nobody is perfect – but guaranteed, somebody is perfect for you!!

5 Languages of Love when looking for love.

We recall that book “The 5 Languages of Love” that made a splash a while back. Many folks read it then but have seemingly forgotten. Every one of us has a specific “love language” and many singles completely miss the signs when love beckons. So close but so far if you are not paying attention to the love language of those you meet, when there is interest!

For example, if a guy’s love language is “service” rather than verbal affirmation all the time, a lady can be sure, he will take bullets for her – and may never think that saying “I love you” is anything but corny lip service, because he wants to SHOW her! How many ladies walk away from a guy because she was unaware? “He never he tells me how he feels!” is the wail we hear! And what if her language is “touchy feely”? Does he get the message? Maybe we should all go read again!! It is very relevant when looking for love.

If you want to beat the dating blues, speak to an expert! We are standing by to hear from you. Your free discussion will explain all the next steps before you make a decision to make a smart call and get advice!

Wishing you love and light