Dating Tips

Dating tips on successful dating in the digital age, starting with personal marketing

Dating with a plan


You do want to attract your kinda others, not so?  Dating with a plan and not randomly spells success!

Today we talk about marketing! Yes, we hear you think WTH? I don’t need marketing skills – I need love, I want it now! But true love is not easily found… you may have discovered as a single dating on many platforms and dating sites.

This is a new digital age! We all need to market ourselves in our personal lives and as much as we market our services, products or businesses, as we are the face, the personality behind our message.

Dating upmarket Single Professionals

You expect to attract the best, the best also expects to attract the best dates! You need a unique “marketing” strategy – that is why we are here, to “market you out there” by means of selected and well matched introductions……..our success depends on how you prepare your own attraction factor, based on knowing who and what you wish to attract as an upmarket single professional, especially.

People remember faces and are drawn to the visual, way before they bother about your stunning personality, character and 10 degrees or gold medals! That comes later ……

Dating Strategy

Your need a workable dating strategy, and the first step is an interesting and inviting personal profile, the right personal branding and attraction factor to attract what you feel worthy of!  Natural selection still happens……and our selected introductions are a fast track to meeting your kinda folks!  We are dating experts and know who seeks what, and will guide you by creating a super profile.

In this digital age, Big Brother and everyone else sees everything – you and what you do and what you post on the internet! This medium carries your “message’……so have you got your message primed for success?  This message is an extension of ourselves.

Know your “market” …….what “others” do you seek to attract and what will they respond to?  If you are a daisy, why are you selling a thorn bush?  You want the “flower lovers” to buy in!  You may be CEO of a JSE listed corp, but you are not seeking a business partner?

You are a parent but you are not seeking a child carer/provider? You are seeking a LOVER …..yes, I said it, and that means being ready to LOVE. You are “advertising” through us, that you wish to be loved and to love…..not seeking a dance partner, a Friend With benefits, or travel companion ……..leg-up or whatever.

It may sound naïve and simple – but humans have a predisposition to think negatively, our minds are powerful! We are wired for survival – even if lions don’t eat us these days! If we lose faith and determination two little devils creep in – “fear” and “lethargy” so dating needs a plan you can stick to!

Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road …….and we are here as your expert date coaches to navigate when you lose your map!  Your power lies in the essence of your vision and your beauty in positive intent…..the rest will follow…….

You are your own brand!  Traditional means of selling yourself are gone (the “club dance”, friends, family, neighbours, and social places) as our digital platforms now dictate. We have more access, are more exposed, it is not what we think only, but what others think!  Many excellent brands out there fail, not because they are not great and brilliant, but the storyline is not attracting the right market.

Rituals have changed – what used to be true, real life experiences, now happen online! And as funny and crazy as it is, people even fall in love online without meeting – honestly? Or they fall in love with love. Or an avatar. Or a subconscious idea of “a perfect mate”…or worse, have a checklist of “must haves” ……….really?  Then you get what you deserve…bottom line.

We have given you a good start to a workable “story line” and a great showcase (your profile), and you can improve this even more with guidance and even results (good or bad) that means we need to address or change something if results are not stellar.

Please then everyone, use your free relationship coaching, your date coach is here to help you prepare your map, and improve your branding, your storyline and your rituals with a happy heart and clear vision…..and we are here to drive outcomes with awesome introductions!

Meet all and see where it goes …..if not for you, so what, you have nothing to lose, you made a qualified decision, maybe even a friend, while unproved assumptions will end in nothing anyway!  Have FUN!! It is free and the easiest thing to share a smile and a good laugh!

Any result, good or bad, is better than no result!!

Introductions are happening daily and your compatible matches will be sent – please know we are driven for you, and us!

Please read our blogs and testimonials, they are real and true and you may get much inspiration – we also have had to keep our digital presence updated in this new world of digital marketing, our storyline strong, our message sent to those we seek (for all of us) so new stuff every week!

Love and light for an awesome weekend!

Fond Regards
Shannon and the Team