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  1. Please complete and submit the Personal Profile on this page – this will trigger an email response from us to arrange the orientation chat so you can be fully advised and make an informed decision whether or not to proceed.
  2. If you wish to proceed, we do the no-obligation, in-depth interview and will cover all your personal details, desires and needs, past relationships and plans for the future, and most importantly, what you seek and your criteria –  the first steps in getting your ‘game plan’ agreed. As experts in the dating/mating/relating dynamic, we can advise on the possibles and not-so-possibles, so there are no unrealistic expectations from the start. We also know what are deal breakers and deal makers! We listen!
  3. We are human too!!  Relax, hear us out and get to know us, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!  We have your best interests at heart! Fear of the unknown only lasts until we start chatting!
  4. Sadly, there are those singles that MatchVIP cannot assist so we do not just accept every application that does not meet our entry requirements (see details on the Personal Profile form), but we can offer suggestions to try another medium you can consider. We do not accept a fee unless we feel confident about success!
  5. Once payment reflects we welcome you on board and start the “date ready prep” and admin, which can take 14 working days – in this time you approve your profile for circulation and get your lovely pics to us!
  6. Your new adventure starts here!

Serious enquiries only please – This is not an online dating service but a personalised, bespoke professional matchmaking service with a caring and hands-on, human involvement, specific to all members needs in a two-way match. Please make sure you have read our website and understand our service.

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We urge you to please give us much information as you can, that way we are able to get to know you better and find the perfect partner for you.

The profile takes 10 minutes to complete. (This is an automated send, you won’t see it send, but we will get it if all mandatory fields are filled in.)

All enquiries are screened against our entry criteria and we reserve our right of admission and membership. If we do not contact you within 7 days, it is accepted that your enquiry has been archived for later consideration.

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