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Just “talking” Is Never Dating! Why Fear Rules The Dating Game – Love Is Not A Virus (COVID-19)

So you met this awesome person online and you liked them enough to start chatting…..and chatting, and then? Nothing happens! Who makes the first move? How much do you “reveal” in a new friendship (it is a myth you are dating just because you connected!)? Your logic warns you this is actually a stranger you know nothing about? Does it sound too good to be true?

Shannon, a professional matchmaker and date coach, is often horrified to hear from traumatised singles that they “were so in love and now it is over” AND had never even met! They had romanced for days, weeks, even months ….but always something comes up and they do not meet. What cooks? Are they merely deluded by the notion of being in love with love!!?? YES!! (and often they lose money as well!)

Dating With A Matchmaker And Meeting The Right Others Is Easy – Not Buying Love!

Shannon has found there are basically THREE categories of Singles who enquire on her agencies expert service:

  1. Singles who are suffering burn out from futile online dating. They need expert help and know recruiting the compatible and most likely others is a sure-fire guarantee of privacy, safety and accuracy. The matchmaker is not only introducing the RIGHT people to each other with potential to explore, but also has a relationship built on trust and sensitive care, with all parties involved. Her clients have a working RELATIONSHIP also with their matchmaker (never invasive)! Everyone invests equally! Trust is built together, always the first step in any relationship. (That is sensible, is it not?)
  2. Singles who feel confident they can find love on their own, and are curious and also may feel it is “like buying me love”. NO!! No Matchmaker sells love or engineers love, a matchmaker helps genuine Singles find the right others. She is a virtual friend to all parties, knows what you seek and need (that is why you pay for her time and skills in “recruiting” and profiling for you, and much more)…….she is also your coach who can intervene, aid and abets a good start, and fast tracks you past the funnies, crazies and those just not suitable……even if at first glance someone may look like your dream come true, usually it is not……she is also never judgemental, everyone is different, you can be you!
  3. Singles who have NOT given it a thought on WHO they meet, ever (because maybe a real lasting relationship is not what they want but a “fast kill”?) and thinks a matchmaker must deliver a quantity of endless “dates” with no questions asked, an “escort agency in disguise” who can trap unsuspecting others on their behalf to partake in their games. A good matchmaker is a great profiler and studies all personality types. A player, predator or shallow user and abuser is not likely to make it even to her database! A certain degree of IQ, EQ and RQ (romantic quotient) is expected, and if lacking, would a matchmaker take a chance on a chancer ever? Sadly, sometimes it happens, but then all parties are quickly ringfenced and no trauma or damage control needed! Your matchmaker also risks being the victim of abuse, so extra caution is always a given.

Why Dating Is Safe With A Dating Agency – No Spooks And Mirrors And No Games

Shannon assures us that the 3rd type above will usually NOT want to go to a dating agency, matchmaker or date coach BECAUSE they know they will be exposed! They need to communicate with their matchmaker (not hide by WhatsApp) and they simply are hiding too much, have agendas or are not genuinely seeking the real deal in a lasting relationship. They also do not invest in their mission, will not invest in themselves or YOU, but prefer to hunt down whatever is an easy target, alone. They don’t “invest” in anyone. The lone wolf hunts alone!

Don’t Risk Falling Prey To A Predator When Dating Strangers – Worse Than The Corona Virus

Your matchmaker thrives on YOUR success because she has a vested interest in YOU! Your matchmaker cares and can also help you move past blockages and doubts because you DO deserve to be loved.

There still is a very important element – you also need to invest in YOU! A matchmaker is not a magician or fairy godmother. Everyone needs to max their attraction factor and be approachable. Your matchmaker will identify WHO you will successfully attract, and HOW and give you a good start. No individual can expect to attract everyone all of the time. Luckily, there is a lid for every pot and a skilful matchmaker will ensure you are a good fit to those seeking someone like you too!

How does this work then? Please enquire on how to join our virtual dating e-club today by submitting your personal profile on our website and we will book a free session and explain it all!! Your confidentiality, privacy and safety guaranteed. We are committed to YOU! Your caring and friendly Team here would love to chat.

Sending love and light, and standing by!

Shannon and The Team

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