Dating In Covid-19 Without Fear – Resetting Our GPS – Social Distancing And Going With The Flow

Indeed, the dating world has changed once again! Shannon, a professional matchmaker with nearly 2 decades of experience, has remarked that many of the old norms have changed once again (“old” meaning just a year or two ago even!) Dating in 2019 was quite different to what it is today, especially since lockdowns around the world, self-isolating and the way individuals are meeting their work needs, their social lives and exploring their chances of finding love again!

We see a significant “collective” return to old values as many have faced their own mortality and realised exactly what existence is, what being loved and love is, and how important it is, to know our true and inner Self.

Pomp and splendour, games, fame and fortune, egos and pride, materialism, unrealistic ideals and dreams, lack of confidence, fears and old regrets…..all those things we thought were important, may not be that important anymore as new positive realities take shape. Life is serious but can also be fun … let’s see what fun awaits as we all explore!

Banish Fear When Dating – Advantages Of New Momentum And Shifts In A COVID-19 World

While in isolation many folks have had time to reconnect with loved ones, family far away – and strangely, even closest family and friends! A shift has been the good old real chat on a device, even eyeballing each other on a small screen (video call), and actually making time to share the news.

This is a far cry from the rushed texts and one-liners, or even posts on social media everyone was doing (we all know how easy it is to send a message to dozens of friends at once rather than chatting to them) when rushing through their lives, always too busy to connect properly. It means people still need people and people need real contact!!

Does this mean people are re-thinking dating styles and old patterns? In a way yes, as since Singles cannot meet “live” that easily, meaningful conversation is happening almost from the get-go, a pleasant breath of fresh air in a tainted world! It means the elements of skilful communication have to be present:

  1. HONESTY – Not hiding behind a digital and often shady curtain, but honestly talking about what matters.
  2. Cutting to the chase and only pursuing those parties who are equally invested (or be honest and exit graciously, no games)
  3. Communicating clearly, listening and sharing, approaching a new friend with respect and integrity (not embarrassing them)

A Matchmaker Is A Quick And Certain Way To Meet The Right Singles When Looking For Love Again

The latest trends show more and more those genuinely seeking and yearning to be in a meaningful relationship, prefer to use a matchmaker! Your matchmaker KNOWS both parties she introduces, and this cuts out much of the dishonesty, room for games, catfishing, narcissistic behaviour and nefarious agendas – she makes it her business to understand both parties needs and desires and has mostly screened out the not-so-sincere or dubious types, guaranteeing your privacy and being safe!

Today we have a short message……..” never fall behind the game, rather be in it to win it 100%” … don’t punch in the dark, speak to a professional, even if sometimes pace is slower, the goals remain the same. Make good use of the shifts in energy and use the momentum as positively as possible. Being hasty or rash can bring complications to any good plan, so rather go with the flow and we promise, it will all come together. You have proved you can adapt!

Be in the driver’s seat and not a passenger……and as your navigators, we are prepared for the next lap! Submit your personal profile on our website today and we will contact you to explain costs, the how, where, when, why and who, at no cost! Your free “orientation” discussion will bring you closer to your ideals in no time!

Sending love and light from our hearts to yours, and find a successful pathway to finding love!

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