Lockdown – isolate and no date? We stocked up on toilet paper – did we stock up on dates too?

Online dating or dating agency, what really works if we have more time now to connect, and where to start?

Our hearts have been with all our awesome Singles posing the question – how can I find new potential dates and not just “time wasters” – time and effort vampires, when I really want to have a meaningful interaction? Every new contact, on any dating site, starts with “Hello”…..too often quickly followed with “Goodbye” ……… your matchmaker has a plan! Get expert help and meet the RIGHT OTHERS of your choice, not a needle in a haystack scenario!

These last few weeks have not been fun and we are still wondering where this world and this life-changing crisis will end, compounded by our economy also being downgraded to junk! Our people have had more to worry about than just stocking up on toilet paper! Everything changed in a wink, but not your single status! We can still change this and we are for many!! Love knows no boundaries, borders or lockdowns!

Many of you had to scramble to set up home offices, arrange custody for children, take care of elderly family and book off staff and even retrench…and bridge finances to keep up…it is going to all truly impact later, and we all had many challenges personally and especially if still Single with maybe only a budgie to share our sacred space, where to next? The reality is if you are still single, is the same old dating style going to work any better? Still no results despite many thousands of choices you looked at?


We are so impressed that about 80% of our database all are game to try the ‘virtual dating” we set-up, and so far the feedback has been good!! Not being just a brief chat to arrange a coffee meet, we know it has been a little weird to have extended chats on video call (or whatever is your chosen medium) and conversations are slightly different as they could escalate to a higher level of interest very quickly….or stumble into a mouth full of teeth….…you can get to know each other better even before deciding to explore by meeting, so this bodes well!! It is truly a chance to expand your “framework of reference” on what and who is right for you!


It didn’t always work for everyone! Some members also bombed out!! Oh dearie me!! The first conversation can make or break progress. It is not frivolous as in online dating when you can kid around and play games and be a little silly or weird. It is fun but surely more serious! We, therefore, advise everyone to go back to our “Tips To Get from the Phone to the Date” as these pointers help avoid serious red flags … too many nosy questions, too much “me, me, me” and not enough dialogue and not really “listening” which means a conversation has to be two sided, not the delivery of irrelevant info, a validation or confession time (that is for when you meet for real and start sharing more personal info) and more. And LISTENING is key, especially if you agree to eye-ball each other and can still read “body language” and really “feel” what the other is saying. And go away smiling, looking forward to more!

When your matchmaker does a personal introduction (a compatible match you chose to meet), you will get a true and authentic basic profile of the other party. This is preparation for interaction – to see what they like doing, basic lifestyle and a hint of their passions and interests and even future goals…never a trip into the dark past! There is so much current stuff to chat about … are still “safe, private and even quite anonymous” so you can afford to be more vulnerable and even light hearted………listen before your talk, and choose positive subjects, and opinions should be a little cautious until you know someone else’s stance ………you may hit the wrong nerve!! Don’t jump the gun! The rules of engagement have steps and go slow, the world will not end tomorrow!


You are strangers. So yes, it starts with a cheerful “Hello, pleased to meet you!”. Remember it is FUN!!! You both undoubtedly are somewhat nervous or a little dubious, but with “virtual dating” you are so safe, and you can banter a little, share a laugh and just show what a warm and charming person you are …because you do ALL have something special and you all are Single’s with huge value add to the right person!! You BOTH will look forward to the next interaction if you were made to feel respected, heard, appreciated, valued and even better ……if you shared a laugh!

NEVER resort to typical online style chatting …sometimes this thing called the “dating game” is taken too far and singles behave quite irrationally (they would hate their mothers to hear them in full throat!)……talk like you would to any normal friend or family member…you are NOT “lovers” yet and respect is also very important. BUT, it is about being charming and a little flirtatious!! And remember, emotions can be picked up in seconds, so choose a time when you are relaxed to get acquainted!

One of the great aspects now is everyone is stuck in their cave with isolation/lockdown….so less hearing “I am busy” or “Call me when I am back from London” ……..or need to babysit the friend’s children or any children, feed the dog…you get the picture!! You are now in contact – engage and waste no time! If you are too busy, for heaven’s sake, why are you asking to meet?

The other party can step up for you as you step up for them! You both need to feel you matter! You have this ONE shot at winning the other’s attention and leaving them smiling and looking forward to more …..and yes, lockdown may or may not end soon … we need to be prepared in any event.

…and just a little big tip!! Do not base your choice immediately on images only….take a bit of risk (an image is only a snapshot in time and a tiny percentage of the real person) ……you are going to be seeing him or her in virtual space real time now with “virtual dating” more than just a casual glance as you eye-ball each other talking, laughing even dancing (if that blows your hair back), and you may be very pleasantly surprised!! Humans may drool over images, but we fall in love with people! And it starts with a warm greeting!! See the “whole package” and really feel a connection – if not, graciously exit and bid them good luck in their search. So simple and easy. At least you tried and left a good impression!

Have a peaceful lockdown, it will end, and we need to be ready with real dates lined up when we hit the streets again! Our team at MatchVIP are hard at it, business as usual, and still introducing our members every day as we have for nearly two decades. Everyone is having safe fun and what’s more, their dating coach is at hand to guide and guard! Nothing beats investment in personal service! It can get much better as everyone settles into a steady acceptance…..humans do adjust always in the face of diversity.

Sending love and light from our hearts to yours, and we may be alone, but we can be alone together. Enquire today how our great dating service can work for you, and join our gang of happy singles!

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