The reality of successful dating and your own singles landscape

The Reality Of Successful Dating And Your Own Singles Landscape

When dating lots of thoughts cross your mind. Sometimes how you interact can be thought of as a magnet, when it comes to attraction. How strong is your magnet? Does it attract or repel? Let’s talk about the reality of successful dating and your own singles landscape.

This whole topic can be an eye opener that every single should research.

Singles everywhere are looking forward to the December break, less than 2 months!  Time to get out there, open every possible door and let love find you. Put the games aside and give love a chance, after all, we are all here reading this for clues on how to successfully find a partner. The reality is that what we have been doing has not been working!  Your magnet is not pulling the “right ones for you”!

Push all baggage aside and relook at your past “imprinting” on what you believe but not yet proven, right? (otherwise you would not be single!). It all should work for you but just simply may not be! Make your personal changes. Here is some overdue guidance below, and we all can celebrate good outcomes!

Today’s articles on trending topics have been deeply researched to help you understand the lay of the land, YOUR single landscape and where you really may fit in better, given some thought, with a15 minute read here on the facts of attraction. Also, please browse the internet for more as there is so much on the subject. We assure you this is no thumb suck and a millions has been spent to research and bring this information to your devices.

An ancient Chinese quote has lasted over centuries in its wisdom, and still applies to this day (no matter how high tech or fast paced our lives are).  I read something funny this week, it said no matter who the hell you are, you still eat chicken wings!

Now the quotes:


“Those who would be loved must become the envisioned lover also of their belove”

“Those that would prosper must bend with natural forces and pressures of society”

“In matters of principle stand firm; in matters of style and grace, flow with the current”


As it applies to “dating” and meeting virtual strangers, we need to be adaptable to the demands of modern norms, lifestyles and the needs of ourselves and significant others. We need to also know ourselves, as this empowers us then to know “the others” and “fit in” better.

It means we need to recognize changing times, as Bob Dylan once sang “The Times they are a-changing” still holds true. We need to be prepared to adapt, grow and evolve your thinking, and most importantly, expand your thinking through insight.

“Bend and you will not break” is another truism.  Be flexible, brave and courageous in seeking love and explore every potential, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Become your own expert “personality profiler” by researching your own personality and others (know yourself and others of interest in the dating genre), recognizing personality traits that suit you best. Explore lifestyle patterns that are flexible, and as in our latest articles, how scientists have proven every human vibrates and resonates with the electromagnetic field of the planet and even the universe. The most successful connections happen when we vibrate at the same level as others of interest!

As a species we are all inter-connected and seek out others with good vibrations, and once we recognize our own vibrational level, we can ensure we meet others that vibrate on the same level, or at least aspire too. With this elevated sensitivity and knowledge we can resonate, and love can grow with abundance!

Below is an interesting link on the most powerful generation group of the present (even marketers know they have the biggest spend) with what makes this group tick. If you are wanting to date others in this group, you better get with their program fast! Happy reading!

We are talking about millennials.

Because of changing times and good health, longevity and easy access to everything, many folks are not aging like our grandparents, and spiritual age is becoming a reality! Sadly, we can see more and more some 40 year old people act like they are 60 years old( stuck in dogma and old traditions, fear driven or unaware of general life). But the good news is they say 60 is the new 50, and 50 the new 40, so age is determined more and more on attitude, lifestyle and health, and more!

If you’re wanting to date “down” in a younger generation than yourself, one needs to be aware of the challenges, for both men and women!  It usually has little do with finding lasting love! We do not cover the Sugar Baby or Toy Boy syndrome here, which is 90% a trading of resources and nothing to do with finding heart-thriving love!

We find it interesting (and we see it daily) the myth of the Millennials that are the new-age “hippies” with wild and casual sex and hedonistic ways. While in fact they have possibly developed values and are building traditions very close to those of times gone by, where quality of life and good ethics applied.  But even more important than status or power, is no need for female suppression as gender roles are more equal (even androgynous) and roles and responsibilities are shared at every level.

Another link for you. The word used by some is cougar.

We are also pleased to see our own research and experience, which ends in advice and guidance we share with our members, is really the same as 99% of our competitors research (who can throw millions into it) and indeed, it is amazing how accurate it is, how we HAVE to keep with the times and how parents can better understand their children, and children their parents,  a guideline for all ages! The needs of each generation group are vastly different, due to the influences of the eras they were born. And an adaptation of mind-sets will bring a more workable togetherness.

Some info from the online dating site and app, Zoosk.

And here is an interesting link on dating in the 21st Century from Today

There is a lot more on the internet, so please take time to research and see. All we suggest is, by knowing your landscape and how the singles you are aiming at live, love, date and think, you can win better by dating by design, not default! Again, the reality of successful dating and your own singles landscape is important to know.

Which Generation are you ?

The Silent Generation (1925 – 1945)

Baby Boomer Generation (1946 – 1964)

Generation X (1965 – 1979)

Millennials (1980 – 1994)

IGen / Generation Z (1995 – 2012)

Gen Alpha (2013 – ?)

Then of course there are different dynamics between cultures, religions, cults, education levels and many other elements. We’re happy to say, many modern thinking singles of all ages believe in individual beliefs and they can also share differences more easily!

So happy dating everyone, and we hope this has helped.

Always in love and light, until next week..


Fond Regards,

Shannon and your Team


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