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Not all Users on Dating Apps are seeking love

A recent post on social media by the FBI (yes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the USA) is a strong warning that not all users of dating apps are actually looking for love, as witnessed by the court case currently ongoing in Cape Town proves. A gang was caught after years of being under surveillance, and the amount scammed from vulnerable Singles is said to be close on $6.8million. Law enforcement around the world is onto this enormous scam and it could even reach billions of dollars as many victims are too embarrassed to report they are victims of this crime – because they are vulnerable.

Why Matchmaking is  like “Recruitment”

indeed, the recruitment industry does expose the reality of what our nation is all about, the good, the bad and the ugly!!  Even in job/career recruitment we see many fakes and posers and downright liars! Exactly why your dating agency applies strong recruitment methods too. That Is part of our professional matchmaking and corporate background as Shannon, CEO of MatchVIP, was in people and business development and even chaired a few boards advising on best practice in the recruitment industry and human relations before choosing matchmaking as a new career. She witnessed too much trauma in the dating industry and her new calling was to provide a human service that provides a safe dating platform, as best as humanly possible. No dating app or bots can ever do this.

Your Matchmaker uses People Mastery

We cast our net out into the ocean of single men and single women and believe it, at huge expense with marketing and advertising, and we throw back 70% ……the approximate 30% we invite to join are definitely committed to finding a lasting relationship, are goal-oriented about all their aspects of life and love, evidenced by the fact they pay us top dollar to find Ms. Or Mr. Right. Men are also vulnerable, and many are not into games – these we seek and grab!! Not only the ladies are at risk!

Joining a Dating Agency

Serial daters abound …..and many good Singles join an online dating site after a long relationship because they are naïve and think that is the fashion….and seems logical. But really? Who are you meeting? Then they find that actually finding a true soulmate is very hard work and even try to develop relationships but they don’t last…..and before long they begin to look like players or they were ‘taken for a ride’!! Flitting like a butterfly from one lover to the next begins to look like a player or a serial dater – when in truth it is desperation and hope to just hit the jackpot if they do the numbers. We all know how often we play the jackpot and win nix!! A matchmaker narrows down the best prospects for you!

Are Single Ladies also Flaky?

Men have to hunt so they have to keep approaching and trying until love finds them. Sadly, as I hear from the mouths of many great guys, they soon discover there are as many female predators and players as men!!  Women often engage in intimacy without a thought, for various agendas, and use the guys!! This has led modern men to believe some women also want casual sex… the men oblige if offered on a plate. But no. Often naïve ladies confuse intimacy and sex drive (lust) with love! The guys who join us are running like hell from these types! Finding a sexual liaison is easy, finding lasting love is not!  Hence we only attract stable, secure and sober/sane Singles who have much to share for the right reasons (investing equally on every level), and just want to cherish and adore their beloved and give thatperson all the happiness they deserve (emphasis on ‘deserve’ as women have the role to play too).

We are only agents of introductions – once you both agree to meet it is as organic and natural as time immemorial, to then see how you bond and negotiate both your needs….this is where our guidance is valued as we KNOW what men want, individually and collectively!! Most Singles entering the dating pool have only had a few relationships  – some terrible, some good – and are single for a reason (your matchmaker can solve this) and expanding one’s framework of reference on what is best, what works, who is truly right, has never been easier.

Your Matchmaker helps with Dating “Rules”

The rules of this dating game need to be learnt …and many Singles don’t have a clue and just keep looking in the wrong places (don’t know where to really look or even what they truly seek because they only have a vague idea and only bad experience, even NO experience, LOL! ) and meeting those that have eye appeal and may be the devil in disguise or have agendas is the only inspiration……we are the safety net to prevent this 😊

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