dating apps missing the human touch

Is the human touch missing in Dating Apps?

New research about Dating Apps from your Matchmaker

Our matchmaker and date coach Shannon, after new research and feedback from the general community of serious-minded Singles out there, has confirmed her gut feel she has that many Singles seeking to find a genuine loving relationship are suffering burnout from the frantic swiping and fruitless searching online for dates.

In this historic time, post-pandemic dating styles in the dating game need a reset!! Shannon’s research has revealed that many of the world’s top dating sites are looking at, or even endeavouring to, bring in an element of the human touch, and offering their members a “human match” as opposed to just applying the usual bots and algorithms, well known in the dating industry. For a few extra bucks one or maybe two matches are supposedly done by human profilers. But this is still based on what the bots decide – is this truly a match then? Do they still remain just a number as they never get to speak to the so-called matchmaker?

Singles Seek more emotional security from their Dating Apps

Latest stats globally report that Singles in 2022 are starting to seek more emotional maturity, more security, and more accuracy in their supposed ‘matches’. The leading dating online platforms are even starting to offer their clients a security-check app so they can check the entire record of the prospects they fancy online – financial background, criminal records and more – for an extra fee. Shannon sees many pitfalls in this and feels this is very dangerous!! Does this mean anyone who liked a profile can simply verify a stranger and get their basic history? It works very similar to a credit rating app. This is NOT real security as people are more than ever exposed to the less than honest players!

11% of Singles do truly only want casual dating, but 62% of Singles really yearn for a love connection that lasts and is meaningful and rewarding.  And 67% of Singles would love to find a partner within a year.

Latest research has proved that couples who met online and married, stand 6 times more chance of ending in divorce within 3 years!!

Technology and Dating – Whats love got to do with it?

The annual turnover from online dating platforms is expected to top $4BN in 2022!! Tinder has 10m users. That is a ton of technology! Where does romance get factored in? The major winners are the online sites as the cash cow thrives. Perhaps it is time when true romance may need to adapt to technology rather than romance being dictated to by technology, and that means using a human matchmaker with assistance from technology, as the next best step.

The most successful dating is still optimised through personal introductions!! For centuries it has been “boy meet girl” through introductions by friends or family, communities and clubs and maybe a chance meeting, and in modern times the professional Matchmaker is the ‘virtual friend’ who now introduces two compatible Singles with a far more human involvement, in a one-on-one setting.

A matchmaker guarantees discretion, privacy and Sensitive to needs.

When high-end Singles and career-oriented people wish to break new ground in dating like-minded others, it is very comforting that a professional Matchmaker will ensure accuracy and transparency and discreetly share information that the client has approved. Protection from the ‘dark side of dating’ is now a common need after all kinds of swindlers are being exposed (and worse) but would any self-respecting professional Single load a profile on a dating app knowing that anybody can do a background check?

A Matchmaker charges a fee to ensure safe dating.

Dating can lead to life-changing dynamics, not only for the individuals seeking a lasting relationship, but can also impact on their nearest and dearest too!! Joining a dating agency that invites single people to join on an admission-based procedure is worth every cent when jumping into the dating pool! Knowing there are checks and balances, entry criteria and a worthy fee, is knowing you are in safe hands! Noting beats the human skill and expertise of a human matchmaker who is also a date coach.

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