forgot how to flirt?

Forgot how to Flirt? The Big “F” For Flirt – First and Foremost

Inter-racial dates or same culture dates – The flirt is key.

What are the secrets to successful flirting – the unspoken language of attraction? When seeking to find your soulmate, it starts with “hello” and getting to meet is key, but then what? Regular “boy meet girl” is a natural human interaction no matter how you find each other – dating apps, a dating agency or a matchmaker!!

Indian Dating, African Dating or White Dating – Flirting is the same.

Whether you seek to date inter-racially or from your own culture, the interaction between the genders is still the same because the heart and soul are involved – not skin colour or religion or fantasies! Everyone seeking new love also needs to identify with their niche market and need to be prepared to adapt to social etiquette accordingly.

Everybody can master the art (and not risk being clumsy or offensive) if they carefully brush up on their act!! Most people enjoy a little attention, just like you do too. Many Singles also make a mistake over-selling their glorious “I am” or believing they should impress with their “I have” – nope! Finding attraction is not a job interview or search for a business partner!! People that make us smile and can be charming, warm and fun make us pay attention consistently.

Old school romance and courtship – The Mating Rituals

Many members ask us exactly what the trend and stance are in these days of digital and hit-and-run “maybe” interests in good old flirting, and many believe it takes too long, or they are out of practice or rusty. Today we share some research. It is very natural behaviour as old as time and is part of our built-in body language.

We do assure you it is NEVER semi-rude pick-up lines or sexual innuendo or groping or getting too close for comfort!! It is the “dance” of the mating game and should be fun, safe, and well-intended. Whether women flirting with men, or men flirting with women, it is supposed to be subtle, a way to read signs “of acceptance,” and is always respectable – and never invasive!! Like a cell phone pinging for connections, it is an invisible radar we all can sense when acceptable….or reject and turn our backs!

Why Flirting is essential!! And then again, there is “flirting” and not-so-lekka flirting! Creepy must be avoided at all costs.

Many tactics women use to competitively flirt against other women to win the attention of men are as old as the hills!

The study identified the specific competitive flirting tactics women use: 


  • Eye contact
  • Dancing in his line of sight
  • Smiling at him
  • Touching him
  • Giggling at his jokes
  • Butting in between the other woman and the man
  • Showing distaste for her (i.e., glaring, eye rolls, frowning)
  • Brushing against him
  • Hugging him
  • Flirting with other men
  • Waving to him 

An over-zealous lady may actually put a guy off! The male of the species need to “hunt” and EARN a lady’s attention! Gentle and subtle encouragement opens the door for him to try harder!! And the FIRST thing is remembering good manners, like thanking him or showing respect for something he did to PLEASE you! Answer texts, for instance, or simply thank him for communicating and be honest it is now over. Leave a good impression even if you have already forgotten him (you don’t know who he knows! Your next date my e a friend of his, whoops, and he said what a cold and ungrateful $%^& you are)!

“Men get invested in hunting when he is attracted, and it creates a conflict if you chase him,” our date coach warns. “A great guy will rarely be genuinely interested in a woman who pursues because it eliminates the sexual tension from the start of dating.”

Even if you are shy and an introvert, it may be very appealing to be confident and show a little “reaching out” that says “I have noticed you!”…and remember “the stare” …it works!!! And SMILE!!

Until next week then and sending love and light from our hearts to yours!!

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