found love so soon

I still cannot believe I found my Perfect Match so soon

Hi dear Shannon,

When I heard about your agency from happily married friends of mine (you matched 3 years ago) I was very sceptical because since being single again (after being widowed) and doing all the healing and preparing to date again and still hoping to share my abundance and future with a soulmate, I thought I stood little chance of finding love again. I was not lucky on any dating apps! There were too many ‘games and agendas’ and I just folded. I started to doubt myself – maybe I had to just be alone and single.

I had dated a few prospects I met on dating apps but there was always something missing!! I felt awkward and clumsy and never seemed to really resonate with anyone when trying online dating. I now realise I was just punching in the dark and really had no clue of any dating style or dating plan. The key to my quick success was the date-ready preparation you gave me so easily as some “secrets to understanding a lady’s heart” were invaluable!! I GOT IT RIGHT! But I also met well matched and compatible ladies and it got better as my confidence returned….. until my 3rd introduction, when I knew this was it!!

When you initially sent me XXXX’s profile I thought she was awesome …I was nervous that I may fluff it but you spurred me on to do the right approaches……and she is absolutely gorgeous in all ways and a fabulous human, and yes, she thinks I am the answer to her prayers too!! We are very much in love and enjoying every day together, thank you a million times over …..