dating with real purpose

Dating with Real Purpose with my Matchmaker

Dear Shannon and Team,

I want to express my eternal gratitude to you for the insights I have learnt from your personal dating service! I was ‘dating’ frantically on dating apps and just getting nowhere, with hope always burning eternal, but every new connection turned out completely wrong for me! Dating apps, according to a recent report only benefit the owners of the apps and us consumers are blindly ‘dating’ with no idea of the actual end result in mind. That is to find lasting love with a really compatible partner! We obsess about finding someone who may look like a prospect, knowing nothing about the complex emotions needed to actually be in love, not just imagine we are in a state of love – no wonder people who meet on dating apps and marry are 6 times more likely to get divorced within three years!! As humans we are blind to the pitfalls! Thank you for clearing my thinking and I now know the journey to finding the RIGHT prospects for the RIGHT reasons, with your guidance and personal dating service, has given me a far better chance at finding lasting love. I love the profiles you hand select for me and I value my own happiness more confidently!! Definitely quality over quantity!

Fond regards and keep up the great work you do,



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