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Dating service & matchmaking – new research

As leading matchmakers and award-winning dating service in South Africa for the past two years on all things dating/mating/relating. Today we share some information on what singles around the world are doing with their matchmakers. A very encouraging result!! Surprisingly, it is a fact that only about 60% of the world’s singles date online, while many still prefer personal introductions. Many smart singles prefer to invest in their future by consulting a dating agency!

Matchmakers voted best dating service

We have had an opportunity to talk to matchmakers around the globe and we all have similar advice on the rules of the dating game and succeeding at love! We were honoured to be counted in on a recent survey with these experts on dating services and agencies versus dating online! There are many other dating agencies out there waiting to talk to us here in South Africa, and another survey will be done in the future. Our dating agency has been voted best dating service in South Africa 2 years in a row and we are known around the world, very honoured to partake in this research!!

 The challenges of dating as we mature

We were invited to participate in a worldwide blog on what men find challenging when trying to approach/date/court ladies they would love to impress because it has to start from interest. This is the result from our Seattle based assessor on all things “starting over and finding love again” in the global matchmaking industry.  We were thanked for our input because we emailed many past and present male members for their input, and gave the best breakdown of candid answers.  (i notice other worldwide matchmakers did not quite do an in-depth study but proffered advice rather, which is also helpful).

Your matchmaker will share all the dating secrets

We thank all our bachelors for their excellent responses – you are all on the same page and 90% of you said the same thing, across all age groups and cultures – very interesting! We share your ‘secrets’ now with our ladies! Little things can make a big difference when we know what works for you!

Eligible bachelors  want to meet single ladies

It is also important for our male members to see they are not alone in their experiences!  And even more interesting to the ladies, now we hear how men generally feel about approaching us gals – and the best news of all, men are not intimidated by strong and independent women if they are still feminine and lovingly soft and loveable and approachable.  After the initial ‘visual attraction’ IQ and EQ count highly!!

We all love beautiful people and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and luckily tastes differ – a lid for every pot!! Our eligible bachelors seem to also yearn for a lasting relationship – and being the ‘hunter’ are often doomed to endless searches, earn a rep as a cad and ‘player’ when he does not stay, because frankly, if a guy is not feeling it, he feels useless ‘like a man’ and may back off before we can blink – because guys have a different libido and ‘performance’ duty in the love stakes than us gals!! They want to please us – if they feel they are not or cannot – whoops, he disappears. His ‘hero” has not been triggered.

Your dating agency facilitates your best dates 

Sounds simple, hey?  Something to work on for all of us, please think about those values you seek in a permanent, loving and faithful relationship – what happens in the passion department is guided by you…..when you have your man or lady in the bag and everything you expect from a loving and meaningful relationship comes naturally!

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