Dating Nightmares

Dating Nightmares – When Hairy Matters are a deal-breaker or a deal maker

Yes, we all have it!  Sometimes we hate it, sometimes we love it and often we wish we had more or less, curly or straight – and very often, a whole lot less in some places!!

“Hair, glorious hair! I’m just a hairy guy, I’m hairy noon and night. I’m hairy high and low! Hair that’s a fright” … how important is hair, or the absence of hair, when dating and seeking a new love relationship?  It seems it matters very much!!

Shannon, CEO and expert Matchmaker from the dating agency MatchVIP shares how often the matter of hair comes up in discussion and the criteria of serious singles wanting to settle, not just for any old hairy beast, hairy biker or Rip van Winkle, but someone who gets it that this is 2019 and hair is BIG BUSINESS!  It is a sensitive subject and like the “F” word for less than athletic physiques, something nobody has the balls to address – they would rather avoid anything or anybody that puts them off than speak the unmentionable “do something with you lousy hairy issues!”. Take it or leave it? Most will leave it.

Single Ladies Dating Seeking to Date Hairless Men?

This is the kick-ass killer – men love hair!! As the song goes “Gimme head with hair. Long beautiful, hair. Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen. Gimme hair down to there, shoulder length or longer”.  Modern women appear not to feel the same but follow fashion blindly, not realising how men LOVE hair, that is as her crowning glory. It is great they are plucking, waxing, cutting and even shaving it in other areas seen and unseen – begone HAIR!!! But women are stripping away their most beautiful asset when they attack their heads –  and do crazy things with it, it is meant to be on the head!!  Men love a head of hair!

Are ladies sending a message to the men?  “I don’t like a hairy guy!!” YES!!

Shannon has heard a thousand times: No beards! No moustaches! UGH, I’m always afraid there is left over lunch hiding in the bush! And believe it, NO HAIRY TOES! Chest hair is fine but no hairy backs!! And most freakish of all, as men age, NO NOSE HAIRS!!!! Not to mention ear hairs ……..and now the worst is still to come, often no pubic hairs too!!  Underarm hair is acceptable for men, and it is standard in most cultures that the ladies shave their underarms and legs too. Hair needs management!

Are guys getting the hint? It seems they are as the male of the species has become far more aware and are grooming and waxing and plucking too!!  It took decades for men to realise a nice smelling man needed a good deodorant, not just after shave, to get a smile of approval from a lady! Now it is time to get help with the hairy business!!

Do hairy single men get more dates than the less hairy?  Singles dating up a storm are actually more aware of hair than most realise!

Some men hang on to the fashion of shaving heads (bald) too!! But be alert guys, some women may be happy at the absence of hair, but still love a crowning glory if you have it …….make sure before you look like a snooker ball she is going to like it!  And the worse thing a man can do is comb his side hairs way over his pate to hide a balding spot! That is a huge no-no that went out with Brylcream!! A good hair transplant, when well done, is your secret it, brag with it but never be obvious!

Success is Possible When Dating for BOTH the Guys and Ladies!

 If you have a head of hair, use it! Look after it, don’t lose it!!

And just a tip for the ladies, nothing is sexier than longer, soft hair a man can run his fingers through! When a lady’s head feels like yesterday’s hangover stubble, he is not turned on! He may not even be interested to try.

The question begs when men are seeking a partner, how much do they mind dating a Smurf or a lady who looks like she stepped off the set of XMen or Avatar – the girl-gang will love the purple, green and blue hair (how brave! You go sista!) but check first ladies – do really reasonably sane single men like it too? Shannon says most eligible bachelors are not that ballsy to be seen with an alien with neon hair, and being embarrassed is the primal fear of most men – being laughed at is a man’s worst nightmare! No circus clowns please!

Shannon’s advice: be natural and normal when dating for success!! Hairless where it counts, and hair gleaming and shining where it matters!!  She recounts what one of her lady clients said not so long ago, “Gosh, I think this guy is going to be perfect for me!! Time to start shaving, waxing and plucking again, I am coming out my cave and need to be smooooth and silky, I look like a cave woman!”.  So code word amongst her ladies is “Time to bring out the old razor again!  I want this date to work!”.

Guys can think it through, ladies appreciate a man who has past the caveman style too! Good grooming does influence your dating success!

Happy dating until next time!