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Agonies Of Dating During Lockdown – And How We Know We Are Not Alone

As a reputable and well-supported dating agency for upmarket Singles, we have seen that many Singles joining our dating agency now (and old members even rejoining) during this long year of restrictions, curfews and lockdown, have a different slant and more focus when dating.

Reality is more of a guideline than being driven by the tempo of “more, more, more” and then wading through every post on all the online dating platforms imaginable – and around the world Singles are finding a matchmaker is their best ally, support system and a real human service with recourse, no flakes or flakes when dating being the ruling motivation.

Never before in human history have Singles who are dating seriously found their desire and need for human connectedness burning like a fever and like never before, want closeness and meaningful bonds with significant others.

Why Dating Through A Professional Dating Agency is Safer

Dating safely has always been an issue (and now safety is also expanded to include our health) and smart Singles are enjoying real interaction, not just rushing through every prospect like a wildfire, by engaging the services of an expert and professional matchmaker!! This does involve an investment of various fees, but is it not worth it for the time-saving and stress-free advantage on offer?

People are even making really good friends because unless they are into polygamy or polyamorous relationships, all they need is to really explore as many well-chosen prospects proposed by the matchmaker and find the ONE RIGHT match to ……because the barriers are down and the door is open to love finding them.

Prior to the pandemic, the single dad or single mom was able to connect with people through social media as well as through all the social activities surrounding their children, and many other safe spaces which provide ‘a totally non-pressurised environment’.

How Are Single Dads And Single Moms Coping With Dating in Lockdown?

According to many singles and especially single dads and moms, the pandemic has now gone on so long that things have ‘waxed and waned’ so much that they just do not have the know-how to beat the dating blues alone anymore!

Smart Singles are going through periods of wanting to settle down a little more, then the idea of having to start searching and just socialising endlessly again makes them not want to date – it’s all a bit up in the air! So why search alone? Love is waiting to find them! A professional dating agency has sifted out the truly authentic folks who are also wanting the same thing – to find love again!

FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out if Singles Don’t Try To Date

Although many Singles might be getting anxious as the isolation bites deep, the beginnings of sweaty palms right about now are tangible as the desire to find love is ever-present. It is clear there is a massive appetite for a whirlwind of post-lockdown dating and love, with almost 9-in-10 Singles yearning to meet the right prospects, sooner rather than later. Start with your matchmaker today! So how do we prepare?

As matchmakers and date coaches we know that after months of being cooped up and dating virtually, “getting back out there” and going on dates may seem like a scary adventure for many as they often do not know where to start. We know the transition from simply chatting via text to an actual date can seem daunting, and with all the questions raging in their heads, the matchmaker and date coach prepares you well as you embark on this new journey!

We find that the most successful relationships are between people who share compatible views on topics that are important to them. Do you share the same passion for the environment? Are you both sports fans? Are you both parents? Or wanting to start a family? These matters and more are seriously considered by your matchmaker as they consult with you every step of the way.

Take it at your own pace and plan fun dates where you can get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company by taking it slow and being less hyped up by the delusions of finding instant love.

Going on loads of dates may be fun but if you are serious about finding a partner choose maybe three people to date at any one time so you can make an informed choice when your heart talks to you. It depends on how serious you are about finding a relationship, or just going out and enjoying yourself. Get to know the other person/s.

The positives are that now people are getting to know each other more instead of rushing into a relationship, which is great as hopefully, it means you will be more compatible and suitable for each other.

Also after a year of isolation or little face to face contact more people now want to find a committed relationship. Are YOU ready to talk to your dating agency and hat about your prospects? We are standing by for your contact!


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