Why A Matchmaker Is The Best Option For Finding That Special Someone

You finally got your courage up and joined a dating site? A date club? And in the first week thought you must be the most popular “find” of the century, until reality hits that you have opened a flood gate to confusion! You’re not feeling too good about this then you hear why a matchmaker is the best option for finding that special someone.

You’re not sure so you keep on with the dating app. And more questions. Who is the best option? Who is real and not catfishing? How do you tell the cons from the real thing? You may even plough doggedly through hundreds of profiles, and find you are nowhere closer to finding The One, or worse, you have been duped, hurt or insulted in some way! Then you think about that matchmaker idea again.

Why A Matchmaker Is The Best Option For Finding That Special Someone

What do you do next?

You’re thinking why not join our exclusive network with a genuine database of selected singles already knocking out the tools and jokers – very interesting! A much safer, personal and bespoke human service, a much faster strategy, speed zone from heartbreak to happiness, alone to “together” in a genuinely well-matched relationship! Spring will be in the air soon, and a wonderful time to start finding love again. There are lovely people out there dying to give and receive love! We find them for you! Doesn’t that sound great ?

Let’s be clear though, a matchmaker is a broker who introduces two well matched singles, and not a human trafficker or Dial-a-Date for the night, and will guarantee an intro service at a fee to your criteria and can negotiate a budget to suit your dating expectations.

We also ponder some realities, because we believe very few people know what it actually “costs” to go a-dating and find love again, and why people who finally realize the reality, hand over their seek-and-search-and-filter to a matchmaker, who provides a safe and trustworthy, very personal, caring service!
We are your mutual (virtual) “friends” and once we get to know you, will introduce you to our other friends with the shared goal of finding The One especially for you! Just a real virtual dating club with personal introductions, with exclusivity!

What does dating really cost?

Here is a link to an article from the well-respected dating blog, My One Amor, that brings clarity to the process and shows the actual financial cost. It’s staggering!

From our side, we can say that as an agency we can afford to spend a fortune on advertising and marketing to draw people like you, and for you (close on a million bucks a year?) and cover resources like telecommunications, best business practice, maintain state-of-the-art software and technology to record copious amounts of information, and more, because each ONE of you has to have a very active, alive and fully detailed file ready for us to work on in split seconds, no time to go fishing “what, what?”, as your campaign managers and personal marketers – we get your “dating style and image perfect” before you leave on your first rendezvous!

Our team members are reliable and keep the ship floating steadily, and the combined skills, psychology, expertise and experience in the dating scene, daily recruiting from the masses out there to find the genuine singles are the best – to make your experience a successful one!

And time is money.

The time you may spend in endless fruitless searching the internet, meeting/dating and only finding out later it is going nowhere, can be avoided! Your team here also packs in a full 10-hour day / 5 days a week working only in the dating service.

It is like belonging to any upmarket club. You pay a fee and contribute to the huge expense it takes to make your club the best around and a place where you know standards are high, hearts are warm, and you can relax and have fun! And are proud to be counted as a member, because this is not a free-for-all.

So apart from our fee, the “cost” to YOU is our caring about YOU, caring about doing our utmost to attract what you want (so you get what you want, when you know what you want, when we send you profiles and making TIME to meet others, work with us, and yes, be part of your own campaign, with our kind guidance and feedback! The more proactive you are, the sooner you will find your soul mate.

Back to cost, how hilarious! A while ago a very foxy mature and stunning looking guy (very open to meet many and not too picky) called me one day in a panic. His bookkeeper had worked out that he had spent nearly 200,000-00 bucks on dating in a year!

We had to giggle because he still remained single and very frustrated until he joined us. So was he paying for a dating lifestyle, to eat more sushi and drink more champagne, like it was a competition? Or was he dating to find The One? Was that a lot? Maybe others have spent more!

We would love to know! So, you see, it is never quantity but quality that counts. A man about the town has to pay the price for being so popular and every investment must pay out. Being single for years after trying so hard is surely a waste of life force! It becomes a not so cheap free-for-all! Depending on what you want of course.

The other side of the coin is people who are too mean to invest in the best for themselves, don’t invest in an expert matchmaking service but try for ages on their own. They never ask, what is the true cost of a fabulous, loving future, living with abundance and having all your need in life with a soul mate, compared to the frustration of getting nowhere slowly? We see people begin to think they are “different” and not that loveable, when they surely are. It is not luck, it is lack of perception. Dating burn out makes people real ornery!

Some people just do not feel worthy enough, maybe, to invest in themselves, to trust a matchmaker, get a good make-over and advice on what works. Things like a new wardrobe, join a spa or gym, get a new interest, learn new things, find out how very eligible they really are (every pot has a lid so even if you do not appeal to everyone, so what?). The One for you is out there!

We do love all those awesome singles for investing in us, we are so honoured and we do not waste a cent, because that investment goes back into YOUR campaign!! The better we all are, the more we all invest in each other, and BANG!! Everyone turns out very happy!

Wishing you all a fabulous dating experience, and hoping to hear from you, remember your interview is free as well as one date coaching session given with love. See you through the window! Now you can see why a matchmaker is the best option for finding that special someone.

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