Dating Chemistry


Hi dear Shannon and Inge,

I don’t quite know how to explain how I feel!!  My excitement at meeting James was high – so handsome, tall and smart and he looked like the catch of the year for me! Our first chat on the phone was great and it seemed to be on!

I exit feeling nothing but irritation and confusion because all the ingredients were right, but [expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] we just did NOT hit if off!  Why do I feel so CROSS!

Through your sensible date coaching I am able to see it is not your fault and dealing with it (I must never turn and blame someone else, but even after self-assessment, I can’t find a reason! Am I mad! J).  I cannot deny your sensitive professional service you give us singles searching for love, is invaluable, and I now know what you mean by “experiential date coaching”… real moments like these it is best to deal with it right away or you just fester and go toxic.

So when James and I met up over this past weekend it was just a downer.  It really didn’t go well.  We have very different world views although no real debate happened, and I found him offensive.  He didn’t do anything directly offensive or unkind towards to me and was attentive and polite, but I found it very hard to start and sustain a conversation and obviously, he did also did not wish to explore my personality.  I am sure he felt the same way, it was futile.  We just couldn’t establish a rapport or common ground.

Have a lovely week!

Shannon’s Response

Thanks dear Marianne ……….we are sorry about this!! We really sympathize, it must have been very awkward!  It is not like James …we usually have awesome feedback and he takes his dates on amazing adventures…..always fun and easy going although highly professional, he has a playful side too…..(and yes, drop dead gorgeous but luckily does not even know this, so he is not arrogant)…….maybe he is going through a rough patch, we apologise on his behalf!

We will though gently check in with him if he needs time out if he cannot be attentive ……..!! The last feedback was glowing on how much fun he is ……..gosh, people confuse us! LOL!

Fact is, we win some, we lose some …and we lose more often than win!!  It is really about the ONE WIN you need!  Another fact is people simply do not always gel, the greatest mystery is attraction amongst humans (no scientist can even explain) and as real as attraction is, so is the fact we even repel some others, even DISLIKE people instantly!  A match can be perfect in our analysis, as it appeared to be here, but only by meeting can you let the primal, divine and magic forces play out!

Did you know?  Some scientists put it down to our pheromones, how we smell even?  We all have our signature “smell” …not even hidden by perfume etc., and maybe this is how evolution made sure humans bred with the right gene pool!  LOL!  horribly cold and scientific hey!  An early warning sign your genes just will clash …and give rise to maybe a strange new human race…Hahahaha!!

When we accept we just are NOT meant to love everyone as an evolved species, we adapt to being happily confident when we do find people we “belong with” and accept it is not rejection when we do wish to connect but simply have no common ground and cannot, not something wrong with us ….it is just DNA, or something not meant to be!

We look forward to the next!! You are a most lovely lady and popular, so more on the way!