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I truly value the feedback and I realise now what you mean by seeking a perfect partner is not a random thing, it needs a plan. Being new on this platform makes for unchartered waters regarding photos, profiles etc. and having feedback is probably the best tool together with communication to better explore the opportunities that you and the team create for me, and to grow into that which I wish to be to attract [expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] that what I wish to find, LOL!. You guys are unbelievably accurate as professional matchmakers given that every individual is unique – you do get it right!

I am happy to read Craig’s feedback and agree that I might come across as conservative in the photos but do not see myself this why – possibly an old soul 😉  I truly respect that he does not feel chemistry and this is not something that anyone can do anything about. I do, however, agree with the lady Doctor that meeting a person is the only way one really gets a sense of someone’s being. I will keep in mind about adjusting my profile (Still early days) and I will value any further input from you and your team.  Your professional way of personal intros is so comfortable as you do all the hard work for me!  I am having fun though meeting stunning guys – where on earth do you find them?

Thank you for your honesty and help.
Kind regards,

Shannon’s Response

Awwwww!  That is so wise and very understanding of you dear Sannet, you have a deep soul (even if an ‘old soul’) …..while exploring these opportunities we soon find out what in general will WORK!! That is the only way any problems ever are resolved! Finding out why something does not work, then having a game plan! It is such a mystery, this thing of attraction … and psychologists say we are imprinted from childhood, even on “looks”….so we ask everyone to never take it personally if someone chooses not to meet (they have not stood you up at the wedding ceremony, hee hee!), it is the lack of perception rather, in the other person not to look beyond a very basic profile and pics …and see what a gift it is to learn more about those people who may never have crossed your path in a million years …..then automatically knowledge and insight informs.

Since we have spoken intimately to thousands of single (and even unhappily married men exploring future avenues) men on their “needs” we know how sensitive and delicate their confidence is as being “attracted” directly effects their libido! To find out their attraction is trigger, is a huge challenge but actually very simple – it is simplicity itself and we know the secrets!  It is what emotions we as humans all evoke in each other, and no telling until you meet! After all, we are all seeking THE ONE for you, and 71% of our members have been successful!  Others are still meeting and finding ….

We do have to do an article again on the research by ourselves and matchmakers worldwide, on how easy it is to be attractive to guys, enough to get to a first date…..once there, to dazzle and impress and win their undying attention!  As mentioned, us women look for good qualities and traits in men …..our need as the female species is to feel safe, approved and cherished, not a libido thing, and we empower you to hit the jackpot.

All good then angel …..we test the waters again next week!!

Fond Regards