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Upmarket Single Finds The Perfect Match With Personal Dating Service

Hi there Shannon and Team,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the amazing journey with your matchmaking agency!! I was so nervous in the beginning because my dating experiences (and believe me I have tried everything) were exhausting, stressful and even expensive. I was not sure about paying a fee for such a simple (supposedly) matter of finding love out there, like, am I so useless I can’t do it alone and need help? Firstly, the fee you charge is nothing compared to the money I wasted on endless swiping, studying profiles, endless calls and worse, thinking I had got it right (a few times, only to be disappointed once again, what was wrong with me?) and all the gifting, dinners and emotional investment later, was a huge loss. I am a busy businessman and time is money too.

Your introduction to your methods and dating processes were an eye opener – I had been doing it all wrong!! Despite the fact I had all the guts and passion to never stop trying, social skills and confidence, what was missing was HOW THE GAMES OF LOVE really play out!! For starters, I thought I knew the mind of the female of the species and all I had to do was get to know ‘her heart’…..how wrong I was! It is not called a “game” for no reason! You are amazing coaches and took me in no time to a new level. Your service is as close to an ‘organic’ way of meeting prospects as being a guest in your home. Thanks for all the great intros, I have met amazing ladies, made some good friends and hoping my new flame is The One…wish me luck!

I was attracted to your service by the fact you deal mainly with intelligent Singles, people who at least do not think love is a game and play ruthlessly, and more important, you are non-judgmental and there is no discrimination but civil standards need to apply – money does not buy love – heart and soul will always triumph. Ego does not count and love is a divine gift available to us all who stick to the basics.


My eternal thanks to you and a ‘fan forever’! I am available as a reference any day!