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Successful Dating for Professionals – The Best Dating Agency in SA

Hi dear Shannon and team, trust you are keeping well and the dating agency is keeping up with all the upmarket Singles dating as always, despite these surreal times!! Bruce and I cannot believe the miracle that happened when your successful dating plan for each of us actually made all our dreams come true!! We are no longer just a single guy and a single lady alone out there, love found us and we are a true couple.

We were both so tired of dating the fakes and flakes and mismatched Singles we found when dating on online.  It was destiny that we both decided to find a professional and upmarket dating agency and engage a sensitive matchmaker to end our dating nightmares.  We set out to find a  corporate dating agency because we both preferred personal singles introduction, and we found you really are authentic and sensitive to our needs, and here we are, we have found our soulmates!!

We would never have met if not for your expert skill at matchmaking – and in fact – I did enjoy some two months of elite dating experiences and met some very eligible bachelors, but none were exactly lighting my fire. Safe dating at its best! I loved your date coaching and held on, not just settling for second best.

You knew the moment Bruce joined we were a perfect match and thank goodness I always trust you because his profile was not even ready yet, and I agreed to meet blind (was that then a blind date?), and from the moment our eyes met we knew, we have succeeded in finding love again!

You truly do invest back in us so I am telling all my upmarket single lady friends to stop fooling around and wasting time with dating sites, contact our matchmaking agency and never look back! Your personal singles introductions are very natural and tasteful, thank you!

Love and success to you, from two very happy soulmates,

RM and Bruce