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Understanding Personality Types and Dating Intentionally

Unleashing the Power of Personality in Finding Genuine Relationships

Shannon, an expert Date Coach and owner of two dating agencies (we are not a dating app or online dating site as your privacy is paramount) with close on two decades of successful happy endings for thousands of couples, offering a personal dating service.  A good matchmaker also stresses the need to understand your personality type and what other types may actually be the best love prospects for YOU!! Finding genuine relationships and lasting love is NOT a “one size fit all” event. Our personality shapes who we are and how we relate to others. It can be measured by different models and tests, and our dating agency helps each client with individual assessments of their personality type before setting out with a new dating plan. Personality affects our communication style, stress, conflicts, emotions, and goals, and can be used to huge benefit in finding a compatible soulmate.

Dating is Still "Boy meet Girl" When we have a plan

Many Singles seeking a soulmate have the perception that all they need to find is someone of the opposite sex that evokes excitement!! NO!! As matchmakers we often hear “No thanks, not my type” but when asked “so what is your type?” people have no real answers. They are using subconscious imprinting and “memory” of a “type” they may have desired in the past. Then why are they still single and desperately seeking?  Are they daydreaming the impossible? Are they always meeting the wrong types after all?? Let our love experts assess the problem with you!

Many Singles seeking love again have not explored what other types there may be for them, and don’t realise the chance through a dating agency, to explore ALL types will ensure a good love match. Personality definitely matters in our romantic relationships. Research shows that personality affects our attraction, compatibility, satisfaction, and stability. For example, people who are open tend to like and match with others who are also open. People who are neurotic may have more problems and challenges in relationships. This is where a good matchmaker helps devise a dating plan for you that suits YOUR personality type too. Talk to a dating agency and learn how this works before you throw yourself onto a dating app in desperation – the benefits of new awareness are invaluable!

Dating Successfully Brings Transformation

The evolution of the human species!! Whether we know it or not, every second of every day we ae learning, growing, getting smarter and evolving. When two souls unite many changes begin a process of transformation, individually and for them as a couple. Personality can change over time, especially through personal growth experiences and even better when using guidance from a professional matchmaker and expert dating service. Personal growth means expanding our sense of self, learning new skills and knowledge, and overcoming challenges. It can make us happier and more confident. It teaches us to respect one another and negotiate needs without conflict.

Personal growth can influence relationships differently depending on whether it is shared or unshared by the partners, as our dating experts see every day when couples grow together. Shared personal growth happens when both partners do activities that help them grow together, share ideas and views, even if they agree to disagree – it adds spice to the relationship.  Opposites can attract wildly as long as some elements of personality are compatible. This can make the relationship stronger, more exciting, and more compatible. It also helps them learn more about each other and themselves and increase their passion.

The True Meaning of Love is Sharing

It is very sad that many couples end up in a power game about who is right, or better, or smarter! This is manipulative and even a red flag warning of narcissism. One party needs to control and dominate?  Unshared personal growth happens when one partner does activities that help them grow without the other partner, or does communicate the little daily things, views and opinions, or even silly things that make life interesting. Poor communication!. This can have mixed effects on the relationship. It may make the individual happier and more confident and provide opportunities for sharing and learning. But it may also create distance, mismatch, and dissatisfaction if one partner grows too much or too fast without the other. A Date Coach is an expert on the games of love, even beyond the wedding – and as a human behaviourist can guide Singes or couples to avoid conflict. It may be a matter of aligning personalities, the positives and the negatives by embracing the knowledge we are all different and not clones of each other….that is a definite passion killer!!

So, maintaining a lasting relationship requires finding a balance between shared and unshared personal growth experiences. Both partners should support each other’s growth goals and interests while also finding ways to grow together as a couple. This balance allows for novelty, excitement, challenge, intimacy, and passion in the relationship.

What is True Love Beyond just Chemistry and Passion

Love is both a feeling and a thinking process, explains our dating expert. It involves emotions like attraction, affection, compassion, and joy, as well as cognitive processes like attention, memory, judgment, and decision-making. Love is not static but a dynamic process that changes over time.  Love consists of intimacy, passion, and commitment and supporting each other – not breaking down self-esteem. The most lasting love involves a balance of all three components. Achieving and maintaining this love requires constant effort, communication, and adaptation to changes and challenges in the relationship. Your matchmakers are constantly at your side when you need them as they see the patterns all the time.

In the end, personality, and personal growth impact a lasting relationship in various ways, depending on whether they are shared or unshared by the partners. Finding a balance between personal need and the need of the relationship is essential. Love is a combination of feelings and thinking, and effective communication is vital for understanding and compromising with your partner’s emotions, desires, and boundaries.

Are you seeking a genuine love match and tired of disappointment? Meet prospects who are RIGHT for your personality type as a good start, banish your doubts and gain new courage and confidence by talking to our dating experts today!!

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