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How Romance Scams are Affecting Professional Singles, and the Role Matchmakers play

Matchmaker/Dating Agency Guarantees No Romance Scams

Over the last few years Shannon, our expert on dating and a professional matchmaker, has heard many tales of trauma, heartbreak and woes from Single men and women, especially the executive singles and professional singles who are targeted by scammers. There are more vulnerable single ladies seeking dating connections who have been scammed of millions of dollars and ZAR, than ever before.

Dating Anxiety Due To Scams Is Very Real

Shannon and her team research all the events happening globally in the dating game and do all they can to ensure a very safe dating platform where only humans have personal and direct human contact, no dating apps or bots. Romance scams effect people who are single in a way that some professional singles have almost given up on dating and prefer to rather stay single because they do not know a safe platform exists with a professional dating agency. The sad part is most of these scams start from meeting people online. The even sadder part is that some professionals do not know that there is an alternative like a professional matchmaking agency.

Why A Dating Agency Is The Safe Way To Date

Romance scams are a form of online fraud that can have a devastating impact on single professionals looking for love or seeking to connect with prospective candidates who are likeminded about a lasting relationship. These scams involve individuals using fake online dating app profiles to gain the trust of their victims, often with the goal of stealing their money or personal information. Unfortunately, romance scams are becoming increasingly common, and many professional singles are becoming more aware of the risks they face when looking for love using internet or online dating, subsequently they remain alone and single – but help is at hand!

One of the most concerning aspects of romance scams is that these scammers can be very convincing. They often take the time to create detailed fake profiles that appear to be genuine, and spend weeks or even months building a relationship with their victim before asking for money or personal information. This can leave victims feeling not only heartbroken but also violated and vulnerable. Fear of dating is becoming a tangible syndrome and leads to more isolation for many Singles.

Meet Single Men And Women And Date Confidently

Romance scams can have long-term consequences for those who fall victim to them. Victims may lose significant amounts of money, and their personal information may be compromised. They may also experience feelings of shame, embarrassment, and self-blame, which can be difficult to overcome. In some cases, victims may even be targeted by multiple scammers over time, leading to a cycle of victimization that can be hard to break. This can cause some singles to decide not to date at all, for fear of being scammed again or being scammed in the first place.

Many single professionals may still be turning to online dating as a way to meet potential partners because they are still seeking and it appears to be the logical solution. This might seem understandable, but have people not been conditioned over time to believe that online dating is the only convenient, cheap, and efficient way to connect with people? It is important for singles to be aware of the risks and for professional singles to know that there are safer ways to meet real connections. Ask yourself this question. How much do you value yourself? Is cheap or free better than quality when it comes to finding a life partner? Is paying for a decent dating agency that recruits and vets’ members on your behalf such a bad idea in the end?

Paying For A Dating Service Is The Smart Solution

The answer is truly YES to a paid dating service…. It is the best and only alternative to online dating or internet dating. Matchmakers can offer a more personalized and targeted approach to dating, helping singles to connect with potential partners who are truly compatible with their lifestyle, values, and goals. By working with a matchmaker, singles can also reduce the risk of falling victim to a romance scam, as matchmakers take the time to vet potential partners and ensure that they are who they claim to be and that you are able to find genuine connections with other sincere single professionals.

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