They Raised my Dating Experience

They Raised my Dating Experience to the New Level!

Thanks, dear Shannon and Eytan, I can’t begin to thank you enough for the amazing 6 weeks I have enjoyed since joining!! Listen, you know who I am!!  I am very humble about being a very eligible bachelor, a leader globally in the marketing field, and enjoying a great life with a super circle of family, friends and colleagues – even clients!! But why did I stay alone and single?  And yes, I know all about ‘personal branding and marketing myself – but hey, why was I so hopeless at dating??

As you also know, since being widowed I have been on every so-called elite dating or corporate dating online dating site or platform – until the day I realised I was suffering dating burnout and getting nowhere, often “investing” from sheer wishful thinking! I wondered, in desperation, if such a thing as a dating service or matchmaker still existed, and yay!!  I needed someone who understood my background (I am not a snob or self-important, but a man with strong values and the rest, like integrity and I simply want to be in love and be loved) and I found your dating agency, and even connected with your expert date coach!! Thank you! My life has changed!!

I had the assumption a dating service is for the totally lost, lonely and broken-winged, which I am not. So yes, it took much courage to contact you.  I have never looked back!!  I loved your concept of personal singles introductions to verified others, and was happy to explore my prospects, if though sceptical

Well here we are – today we chatted about my slight dilemma on the fact (as you called it ‘juggling balls’ which is a great dilemma to have) I now have more than fantasies but real interest. I seriously like 3 ladies who are truly heart investment material and very eligible and lovely too! Thanks for confirming I am on the right track – getting intimate is easy, but I am managing expectations and truly getting to know them well, and every day gets better! Who will this “Bachelor” give a rose to?  Time will tell. I am so pleased I took your advice.

Even all my close others have remarked on my new happy attitude, and how I have changed – and all my male colleagues and friends are asking me “where on earth are you finding such lovely single ladies?”.  I have met around 8 wonderful, incredible ladies and they all will make someone very happy one day, a few may even remain good friends. My journey to explore and expand my framework of reference (on the needs of my true heart) continues!! Wish me happy dating!!

Love, light and gratitude back at you!