THE BREAK-ASS QUESTION – WHY DO I NEED A PROFILER WHEN DATING SERIOUSLY? (information shared with gurus from The Sunday Times)

You may be interested to know we now have an established stable of expert LOVE GURUS to help all the single and alone folks, to prepare them to join us for elite singles matchmaking, once they are date ready ………two are accredited coaches and profilers, experts specialising in dating skills and starting over (even re-coding the brain to embrace ‘the new’ to let go of the past), one is a personal trainer who gets people in shape body/mind/soul (without the power of the mind, diets simply won’t work), and one is a well know relationship psychologist well known for quick results. You could receive first hand  never-heard-before and powerful input from them all – just ask!!  This is frontier breaking stuff, never been done before!


We write profiles on our members before we circulate them (members approve their own profiles first) and ‘sell them to others’ and this is what we find hereunder.  Because we study Neuro Linguistic Programming, we know how to avoid words that trigger even a subconscious negative or poor interest!  Humans are imprinted from past experiences and also have wild imaginations! We also interview men and women in-depth to unearth their awesomeness, and have a definite pattern on what the genders seek…..collectively and as unique individuals. We have interviewed close on 30,000+ singles and know what genuine guys and ladies truly seek!!


You must also know who are your audience.  If it is men and women looking for sexual escapades or flings, a whole different set of words is needed – so we exclude this lot! So presuming your audience is intelligent, have social skills, good integrity and seriously wish to find lasting love … goes!


WOMEN WANT TO FEEL SAFE…..and respected and understood (because they have right brain communication skills and are more complex) so here are positive words that trigger interest in men from worthy women…..


A man must ideally be/have: (what women want to read in a profile)


Intelligent and confident leader type…..

Stable and financially secure……

Emotionally available……

In touch with his sensitive side but no pushover…..

Kind and even tempered……

Knowledgeable and good sense of humour…..

Good personal hygiene and physically fit and active (women are kinder than men but do not want couch potatoes)

Loves animals

Old school etiquette and respect for a lady

Supports her career, sports and interest (not intimidated by a strong and independent woman)

No addictions

Sound value systems (family, work environment etc, reliable and dependable)

Enjoys a healthy sex life with one partner (to be!)

….and last but not least, make the best of his attraction factors too, women are also visual creatures!


SINGLE GUYS SEEKING LOVE FROM HIS PERFECT MATCH – what works for them on the first round in finding a soul mate


Men hate descriptors like:


Quirky, bubbly, passionate, “I am different” (about anything, it sounds like bipolar!), strong-minded, funny, loves fun (they see themselves dancing, drinking, partying and holidaying non-stop as an accessory), non-judgemental (they WANT a lady to have standards), sociable with many friends (a good time gal), “accept me as I am”, anything ‘spooky wooky’ (from Eastern beliefs to witchcraft) arty-farty (boho or alternative). They want to be proud of their lady! They hate hats and red lipstick!!  LOL!!


Also, men KNOW women are good mothers and respect this! They love their children two, so an environment where all will be happy, feel nurtured and protected, is vital and can be mutually negotiated. Is it fair is she expects to be his # One, but he must be second to her child/children? Or parents? Friends and pets? It is a two-way street!  A loving couple WILL have a happy family!




A woman must ideally be/have:


The very first thing 90% of men ask in the first discussion is ”Do you, please God, have NORMAL ladies on your books?” …so this is what they see as normal:


Normal to good height and weight (Men know BMI well!) FIRST CHOICE!! (Libidos don’t work well with overweight and unhealthy!)

Fit and active (we are an outdoor nation after all) with some interests besides work and family

Intelligent with IQ and EQ (not just has 5 Degrees!)

Good humour

Feminine (longer hair, nurturing, gracious and even tempered and understand men are not perfect either)

Honest – upfront with what they want, men do not have psychic powers and make bad assumptions!




STRONG AND INDEPENDENT (but not a bully, opinionated or butch!) They LOVE this!! So the thing of men being intimidated is hog wash! (They do not gravitate to bullies or ladies who “are in charge” – this robs them of their hero role)

Career oriented (but not a slave to her career, she must balance life/work time well)

Knowledgeable (need mental stimulation)

Socially skilled (he can take her anywhere and wont be embrarrassed)

Natural beauty (men hate more than a little make-up)

No divas or fashionistas (that is for men seeking trophy gals) but style is appreciated



Emotionally available (can show her feelings and enjoys intimacy easily)

No addictions



Men evaluate HOW THEY FEEL with a woman, they are left brain thinkers and see “it is what it is” and want simplicity!  If she dresses nicely, he feels admiration and pride (but won’t remember what she wore!) …that kind of thing ….


The above is just a brief outline on things your professional matchmaker will assist you refine and define as you prepare to be date ready, with much more to share when we chat!

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