Singles Dating – Who Succeeds Best? The Extrovert, The Introvert or The Ambivert?

We do indeed live in challenging and interesting times! Shannon is a leading matchmaker for professional Singles who want to be personally introduced to potential and compatible single ladies and single guys with shared goals. Singles are tired of the endless search for a meaningful love connection and often do not know where to start.

Right now external forces around the world are impacting daily on relationships as circumstances influence the lives of all, mostly beyond our control. As an expert relationship and date coach, whether for those still single and dating and building new bonds, or couples splitting up in frustration, or Single men and women just wondering when love will find them, Shannon suggests it may be time to focus on the most important factors we can influence – go back to ‘the source’ – that is YOU, and start with your own inner vibrations and heart-health. Being able to answer the question: “Who am I and what do I seek? Am I really ready to find love again?” is a great start!


Let’s take a moment to search our own “inner Selves” on what it really means to be an extrovert, introvert or ambivert, for starters. Many shy people ask us as coaches if they can ever really step up and show up, and we want to assure you, none of these traits impact as a stand-alone dynamic as there is success for all no matter which you are. We all have our “moments” and some may be noisier than others or more quiet – everyone has their strengths too when you know how to use them to advantage.

It is also often a great match when one is an extrovert and the other an introvert when looking at a lasting relationship. The extrovert keeps the fun going, keeps the hustle and bustle bristling and brings excitement, while the introvert is the steady and more cautious thinker who adds balance. The ambivert can adapt to fit any occasion! It is key to be your ‘authentic you’ as confidence can be your best friend whichever one you are!


Firstly you ARE seen and if maybe not always “heard” your input is valued as an introvert – never allow boredom to creep in though, and as long as a couple are communicating (from the heart) they will have a great time and make life happen. On first dates, make sure you have your confidence with you and just allow yourself to talk, listen and feel – natural interest will inspire and being up to speed on life around you and what is happening, will aid an easy flow of conversation. Humour is vital, and being authentic a must! A mouth full of teeth will not work well with someone you are wanting to dazzle! You ARE smart so happily show it!

Two extroverts will light up the world and never a dull moment! But it is essential to also know when to chill, relax and process things (not be too impetuous) and have a dating plan, affirm your dreams and allow your actions to speak louder than words. A power couple can achieve much – maybe annoy or exhaust many others but always will make an impact and great company! But chill out too. Be careful of burnout and remember to recharge too.

Two introverts can be silent strength! Confidence grows as you fit together like puzzle pieces and still have your individual strengths to add to the mix – remember though to SHARE your thoughts, always communicate and always do something exciting that you both enjoy. Take your thoughts and turn them into actions. It can be magic when you just surprise each other, without trumpets blasting, with loving and gentle gestures…..and humour!


The ambivert is fascinating. Sometimes the ambivert wants people around them, and sometimes they do not! An ambivert often feels they have been confusing people – including themselves. Social interactions can either recharge or drain your social batteries. Parties can make you feel alive, switched on, and at your most confident – or completely bored, annoyed and withdrawn. You’re resilient and sensitive at the same time. Very social but rarely OTT. You enjoy being the centre of attention – there are days when you think out loud, and you rarely care. And then there are days when you over-think everything, rarely thinking out loud, your annoying inner monologue kicking in. The entirety of your being is a conundrum. When you realise this, you can train your dating style and step and show up with ease!

Being a unique blend of both an extrovert and introvert makes you interact with the world a little bit differently than others, while it can be stressful, it often makes you see the world originally, too. You can learn to manage your “moments” very successfully as you tune in or tune out.

Shannon’s comment: An extroverted-introvert is a very nice mix of both elements, being courageous but cautious – and patient for results because they start with the outcomes in mind and go for it as they also think quietly before they step out! So we love you all! You all play a role in society, go forth and do it well! Just …..always have a plan! Blind blunders have a way of backfiring!

Whichever one you are – always be truthful, respectful and kind…live with conscious awareness of others…the ‘feelings’ this evokes says more than words alone!!

Sending much love and light from our hearts to yours, see you next week!

Fond Regards

Shannon and the team

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