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Safe Dating With My Dating Agency And Matchmaker

FAQ: How Can My Matchmaker And Dating Agency Assure Me I Am Dating Safely?

We are often asked this question and Shannon, an expert matchmaker, owner of two leading agencies and a relationship therapist, assured her members they are paying for dating service on a safe platform – as far as humanly possible! Your agency equally invests in your well-being and success. It is never random.

Everyone has some skeleton somewhere, at varying degrees, but we also know that we are all human and learn from our mistakes (often ignorance or even ego rules sane thinking) and everyone deserves a chance to transform and grow personally as part of individual and collective evolution………until they prove otherwise!!

Being authentic and transparent with your matchmaker, and then with those others you meet, goes a long way to understanding nobody is perfect – unless they have something to wilfully hide and have other agendas – such is life! (We are alert to this too!)

That is why we say to all members, meet as many others as possible to explore prospects, based on fact and proof and never assumptions, because we cannot know for sure until we know, and do the work on finding out, again, individually and collectively……for example, how many women really know men? How many guys really know what makes a good woman tick? We share these secrets!

Most singles dating only know what they know from limited experience and imprinting from the past…to really explore and expand one’s framework of reference on the whole male/female dynamic and the world of dating/relating/mating in this digital age, we need to know firstly our general landscape, then our own niche landscape….then we get to ‘know’ the guys in a safe, friendly and authentic way by socialising (with a common goal to settle when love finds us) and can assess truly what is RIGHT and who is RIGHT when the time is RIGHT…that is the natural order of things and life’s journey, not so?

When Strangers Fall In Love – When Do They Start Dating For Real?

The fact is, does it make sense that two virtual strangers can be dating before they even know each other really enough? It is lust and chemistry that drive us to believe it is the real deal, way too early. You are only dating when your heart tells you that you really want to be with the other person exclusively…..until then, all is equal and perfectly normal to make male friends…..99.99% may not be right as a soulmate, but ONE will be RIGHT!!

The days are gone when ladies sat waiting for men to single them out and initiate contact, although it is true that the ladies are gifting the guys the opportunity to guys to please approach us because we all like a hero who makes the right advance, when interested in engaging us! It is a pattern in the dating game and the invitation to bring in your flirt!

Why A Matchmaker Has Your Back When Dating

And yes, because of our skill, art and science gained over nearly two decades in this very sensitive genre (and talking to thousands of lovely guys and ladies in-depth reveals the reality about their experiences), we also know miracles can happen and you meet the RIGHT person much sooner and with far more chances of it lasting! Even a first date…so venture forth with confidence and meet everyone who shows interest – the cream will rise to the top!

Intuition and instinct and common sense can only prevail once you get some experience on a subject…and our subject is this dynamic of single men and single women dating to find love!! And we are your wingmen and navigators on this road trip…we have the roadmap and you drive but we help you reach your destination safely! And there may be potholes and pitfalls and detours, but that is how we conquer the road to our goal!

What Drives Our Intimate Choices – Soulmate Instinct?

It is true that many Singles may NOT be seeking everlasting love or a soulmate but a fling or ‘best for now’ or just a bit of casual fun – then making a selection on who you spend time with is usually based purely on immediate gratification, looks that dazzle, and superficial personality traits, or a selfish “what’s in it for me?” or the flashy car and big wallet. The deeper essence of someone, even their beliefs, values and lifestyles are of little consequence then, only that razz-ma-tazz of sexitement! Let’s be honest.

We are herd creatures and our hidden radar, even DNA (according to scientists) and our evolutionary processes and even blood groups truly determine who we fit with (why it is called chemistry – and it is scientific and does not sound very romantic!) and of course everything like background and lifestyle, which is the total sum of our Being make us gravitate to the familiar…often though not our checklist of what we believe or think is right (we ty to engineer and manipulate for other reasons, even subconsciously (which is a subject for another blog), hence we have the highest divorce rate in the world, people make wrong choices).

Enjoy the journey on the pathway to love and let compassion, kindness and graciousness lead, because we attract what we put out – The Law of Attraction as we all now know!

Contact us today to find out how easy this can be when dating by design and not default!

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