Finding Love Again

Finding Love Again After 40 Was Not So Difficult

Hi dear Shannon and Team,

I have to thank you for the amazing service and care I have enjoyed with your dating agency and date coaching! I truly tried every platform out there to find someone I would maybe find a love connection with, and despite dating myself into a coma and sifting through tons of profiles, there were only a bunch of “maybes” (and plenty of fakes and flakes) and I really started to believe us over 40’s ladies have a hard time finding the real thing on this search. Now DS and I are very much in love and we are getting to know each other better every day, please keep motivating and guiding as you have been, because as you say, the pathway to love can be a bumpy one as we adjust and begin to become “as one”. Our journey so far has been wonderful.

I realised your advice to firstly change my mindset on age range was invaluable. Although I do not feel like a 40-something or even look like one, it makes sense that quality bachelors my age (or younger) can find younger ladies – so why try to compete!! That was a no-brainer! Just raising my age limit and keeping opening mind and exploring as you say, changed everything. Although DS is 8 years older he is like me, eternally young and in fabulous shape and so active I battle to keep up! Well done all round, we found our niche together! He thinks I am his moon, stars and sun and can’t believe what a good fit we are! No more competition angst for either of us – we belong together, warts and all!


Fondest regards in gratitude,