Dating Chemistry

When there is just no chemistry!!

Hi Shannon and Inge,

Just giving you some feedback and feeling a little low – this is not easy!  I must say though I am meeting the most fabulous ladies, and I mean LADIES! I just wish they would be as keen as I am, [expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] but understand patience is important and maybe I am still a bit rusty.

I certainly have proved to myself I am confident to date though and had some very lovely meet-ups (as you say, until there is a spark, it is not a real date yet!). I am having fun and may have made a few new friends, so my spirit is strong.

I am an the owner of a huge company and know what it is like dealing with so many diverse people, and have to compliment on your utmost caring and professional service.  Your expert date coaching and advice has been remarkable.  Definitely not just a random pursuit when we singles go dating seriously!

Fond regards to you all,


Shannon’s response

Thanks dear Dan …..Cherise also says she thoroughly enjoyed your company and you are a very fine man, but no real chance of chemistry ………so well done!!  I think she may not have been very clear, but she is definitely not in a committed relationship….yet!!  we never take on people who not free and available.

As is the custom, members meet many new friends ….until there is a definite spark both ways, and until they feel they wish to commit and “try it out in an exclusive relationship” – having The Talk, and letting us know, they will not see others (but we never pry or mention because it is of no relevance yet until you go exclusive, which means they break off and stop other contacts) so maybe she has recently met someone and now decided to give it a go….I think this is what she meant!

We wish the same for you …to hone your social and dating skills with our professional matchmaking advice, make friends (with a flirtatious edge of course as you are BOTH here seeking a partner) and let the cream rise to the top…as it always does….you heart will tell you, and usually it is mutual!

So on we march dearest …..and keep your first goals in mind step by step …….meet for the rendezvous (to check out potential), if there is attraction, angle for the next meet-up, which is really the first real date …….then only think long term potential, love sex and marriage!!  LOL!

But for the first rendezvous, the point is to impress, dazzle and nab her attention enough to get a foot in the door ….the rest is a natural process!

Being attentive, friendly and fun company is your goal …… need to invest emotionally until that spark is evident, both ways!

Always in love and light, and have a great long weekend, we are on it again on Tuesday……