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Hi Shannon, can’t believe it is the 7th of January already. It also seems a fortuitous day to write to you to tell you of my news as it is also my birthday! I have loved the peace and calm of this holiday break. Paradoxically, COVID restrictions have been a wonderful way of spending quality time with TL and so allowed us to really get to know each other at a depth that normal working time would have made harder.


Speaking for myself, it has been a wonderful time of finding in TL an utterly incredible and amazing lady – most certainly one of the most remarkable women I have ever met. She is strong, balanced, resilient, deeply intelligent, funny, warm, kind, caring and incredibly thoughtful and completely beautiful, graceful and loving. All the characteristics I was looking and hoping for but did not think I would ever find.


So dear Shannon, this is to partly tell you of this delightful development but to also tell you that we have decided to start a committed relationship and take ourselves off the “market” as it were. Again speaking for myself, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to work with me in helping me find such a wonderful partner. Never in a million years would I have ever met TL were it not for you, your understanding, perception, care and concern. I also took your advice and explored other new friends, and some may remain buddies, but I have found my dream lady.

I do kick myself I took 6 months to decide to join you – and as you say, it is timing! I wish I had done it sooner. Even joining in hard Covid lockdown was no sweat.


Thank you, Shannon, your kind counselling at the start, the guidance and process we went down and the whole way this has all worked out has been just wonderful. Never a dull moment and no awkwardness. It became such a natural thing to do, the way you do it. I did read, I did heed – and I did succeed!

If you would like any references to other prevaricating men or in general, please do let me know, I can you’re your praises everywhere, it is an honour to have been a club member, very dignified. What you offer is to put a friendly and human face between those of us looking for another way to find the special someone and the uncertainties of the internet. Once again thank you.

I will, of course, keep you up to speed with the goss as we start down this road together. The best is yet to come.


Love and light

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