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MatchVIP, Dating Services is a Matchmaker company

for singles dating in Gauteng (which includes dating in Johannesburg and Pretoria), dating in Cape Town and dating in Durban.

Finding lasting love will transform your life. This is why you owe it to yourself to sign up with the best matchmaker in South Africa. If you are serious about finding your life partner, then put your trust in our matchmaker expertise and join sources with the best dating service in South Africa.

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MatchVIP Dating Services has a proven track record for uniting desirable singles in lasting relationships. We also have the largest matchmaker database for professionals dating in Johannesburg and dating in Pretoria, dating in Cape Town and dating in Durban. You are welcome to have a look at our Executive Dating Testimonials page for more information on our matchmaker success stories.

Our Executive Matchmakers are trained Life Coaches that also guide you through the entire process, should this be required. Matchmakers at MatchVIP Dating Services also offer Dating Coach and Relationship Coaching services. These coaching and relationship skills further compliment and guarantee your matchmaking success, assisting your transition into a healthy relationship.

Matchmaking is essentially a personalised service where you will meet with a trained professional matchmaker to determine whether we are able to assist you in your journey to finding love. Working with a well-trained and skilled Matchmaker will offer you a multitude of benefits. So let’s look at why Matchmaking and signing up with MatchVIP Dating Services in particular will benefit your love life greatly:

  • Energy and Time Saving
    Signing up with a Matchmaker means you no longer need to spend countless hours browsing the internet; scrolling through online profiles and sifting through who you think may be an ideal match. A Matchmaker finds these dates for you and facilitates introductions to already screened individuals. A Matchmaker is uniquely positioned to select more appropriate individuals for you to meet face-to-face. It will take much less of your time and energy to get to the right person.
  • Confidentiality
    A Matchmaker takes good care to protect the privacy of their clients. Confidentiality is the cornerstone of any Matchmaker business. A Matchmaker will never release your private details to anyone who is not a good match for you or without your permission. This means that no-one will ever know that you are making us of a dating services professional, unless you decide to tell them.
  • Safety
    A professional Matchmaker will have a proper process in place to screen all their clients. At MatchVIP Dating Services our background checks include financial status, marital status and a criminal record check. Your matchmaker has also met everyone personally before introducing them to you. Your safety is not a negotiable factor. This is probably the best reason to make use of a matchmaker, rather than any other online dating services available to you.
  • Personalised Service
    A true Matchmaker will take the necessary time to get to know you, your needs your relationship goals. It is important that you feel comfortable that your Matchmaker understands you well and that he or she has an understanding of your needs before they start introducing you to single professionals for dating.

Being a successful Matchmaker requires skill and a touch of intuition. The Matchmakers at MatchVIP Dating Services, understand the psychology behind relationships, past relationship patterns and how to change these if needs be. It is advisable to be open to change when signing up with a matchmaker at MatchVIP Dating Services. A matchmaker is an excellent listener and not only listens to what their client is telling them, but also to what their client is not saying. It is important that you remain open to our dating service advice. As the saying goes: You need to do things differently in order to get different results!

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