Love Found Us

Love Found Us Even If A Roller Coaster Ride

Dear Shannon and Team,

We really loved the message in your CLUB NEWS and blogs on the art of flirting – we may never have recognised the silent messages in our interactions that we were actually very drawn to each other and sometimes it is true – never over complicate – nature has a way of helping us bring on our flirt!

GW and I can be a roller coaster at times but it’s getting better – we have lots of fun and we really do not want to be with anyone else, it must be love? We have learnt not to assume but rather understand a situation objectively before going into a paranoid coma!! You are right, it is so counter-intuitive to be insecure and allow subjectivity to rule common sense. It is just fear of failure. Thanks for helping me stay and work on things that worried me when things got hectic and not doing a runner! Staying opened my eyes.

Thanks for the amazing service you provide – I can attribute some of my best times to people you have introduced me to, and you have made my life happier than it would otherwise have been. I mean this sincerely as a professional man who supposedly has it all and as a calculated risk taker, because all my introductions have been to awesome ladies even if not the final choice, and I learnt much about my authentic self. And maybe I learnt to find love this time. I get you now on why you encourage us to EXPLORE!!

I’m really glad you are open-minded about the complexities of dating and taking time to support us – makes it so much easier to be authentic about who we really are inside. Just the way we are!



P.S. I think you are the best, and the way you accept and handle people with more adventurous dispositions is really cool