a heartwarming success story shannon and team at matchvip

Happy That I Have Found My Soulmate

Hi Shannon and the whole team, 

I want to thank you for preparing me for this journey that has given me such joy and happiness. When I joined Perfect Partners in 2022, I wasn’t sure of how successful this was going to be but I went with the full hope that it would be, and indeed it was successful in June of 2023. 

In the beginning of June, I received a profile of a guy in Pretoria which intrigued my attention and I answered that I was interested in pursuing a friendship with him. Then to my surprise I received a confirmation that it was a mutual feeling and numbers were exchanged and my adventure started from there from a beautiful friendship to an incredible relationship. 

We are now extremely happy and looking forward to a bright future together… 

A incredible meeting of true soulmates coming together

For all those lonely young ladies, definitely try this out as it worked out for me. Trust your matchmaker!! A dating agency takes all the fear and doubt out of dating and I met some very nice guys, never a bad experience.