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Dating Coach Service

Will you recognise loves when it knocks on your door?

At MatchVIP, we believe in giving every one of our members the absolute best chance possible of finding their ideal match… does find us but it is not random or frivolous! You need a game plan!

If you’re like most of our members, conventional methods of meeting and keeping your ideal match haven’t worked for you, or you are looking in the wrong places, or not meeting ‘the right people’ for you. So joining MatchVIP is the best thing you could have done for yourself…….and here is an opportunity to empower yourself with successful strategies, starting with a free discussion! As the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result!

Using a matchmaker to help you find your ideal match is only one part of this ‘doing something different’. The other, equally important part, is coaching.

Think of coaching as finding and then tweaking whatever hasn’t worked for you so far in the life-game of love. It’s a fresh pair of eyes to help you see perhaps what you haven’t seen, or refine what you’ve seen but haven’t been able to change on your own. It’s an adventure, a chance to explore and refine what you’re offering to the world! New insights and discoveries can be fun and is very empowering, so please make use of our free session, even if it proves you can actually win on your own!