Dating is Guaranteed

When Dating is Guaranteed to be Safe and Fun – So Risk It!

Dear Shannon

You are an encouragement and a rock star for sure.  I looked at myself and how prejudiced I have been. I have really missed many golden opportunities and I now realise I should just relax and trust the processes because you guys cannot humanly give more than you do to give all us yearning singles dating out there every chance! What is there to fear?

The more I understand your date coaching, protocols and processes  I realise I have maybe believed in some fairy tale……and maybe why I remain single and unfulfilled because I am fixated on a ghost … perfect match is not going to arrive on my doorstep, diamond ring in hand!!

Dating is hard work but fun and choosing a “forever partner” is not a frivolous matter! You are right, a stranger is only a stranger until you meet, and then reality can kick in if there is potential, and you have armed me well with excellent advice and authentic info on the guys to meet.

I must admit, your Team has sent me more awesome guys than I would ever meet, nor have actually met in ages, and I am sorry I have not been more proactive.  I ask myself, what was I expecting? It is not like ordering a pizza with favourite toppings!!  “I want this, I want that” …… is a journey of discovery and such a precious gift to be on your dating site and so well looked after! I am going to show my gratitude by being more courageous and open to making new “friends”…..we are all here to let love find us!

I guess the traditional person in me sometimes stands in the way. I do remind myself this is 2019! Nothing is the same as the old days with the old parameters when seriously seek your “forever after” . LOL!

Perhaps it’s good to have a chance to meet everyone after all, please keep up the steady flow, I am going to be more of a team player!

Kind regards

Response from Shannon

Your professional matchmaker has your back when seeking a partner!

Shannon has good advice and gives encouragement to Lebo who finally realised that prejudice was holding her back.  Is it fear of the unknown?

Yes, it is so human to “stereotype” because we all only know what we know …until we “know” something else or something outside our comfort zones or thinking…….if Columbus believed his Queen that the world was flat and he would fall off the edge if he set sail for the unknown, we would still belong to the Flat Earth Society, LOL!

It is smart to explore the challenging, the unknown and even weird……..especially in a safe environment like this where we do everything we can to stick to “normal and safe”….hahahaha, so we too are victims too of “safe bubble syndrome”……how funny!

But YOU ROCK dear Lebo!!  Indeed, why not?  We have had a few cases like this where members just met someone for the hell of it ……maybe destiny….and even if they did not fall in love, went on to be extremely powerful business partners and lifelong friends……even adding much value to the world they could not have done alone ……it will be what it will be!! J

It is just a rendezvous to see how you click ……….love finds us when we open doors……..and there are a million possibilities!!  Our accurate singles matching and date profiling always ensures you have some common ground to start a new love interest with a guy who WANTS to meet you!

Seeing you get a sound assessment and basic qualities of a new potential match, why not give it a chance and risk meeting, especially if you like what you see, never mind the “ifs, buts and maybes”? Always work on evidence…….you meet, you like ..or simply, you do not wish to explore further! No logical human is going to look at a pic or profile and swoon with love!!  Attraction may be exciting, but that is nowhere near a budding romance!

Love and light then for a super great day further ….and keep the new approach…explore the “unknown” …always!!

Fond Regards