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Just sharing from a fabulous guy's honest heart

From: Joe

Hi Inge,

Thanks for all the attention that you guys give me. I genuinely appreciate it. You are the most rocking professional matchmakers with a genuine passion and I feel I can share my thoughts with you. 

XXXXXX is a beautiful woman and highly educated and competent but I am not picking up on her “heart” vibration. I am however not going to go forward with her, as awesome as she appears to be. I find it difficult to verbalize the mechanics of my decision, but I’ll apply some effort:

When a girl describes herself as a “strong independent woman who is climbing the corporate ladder” and is ambition and goal driven, I am very happy for her, and wish her the best. It seems like they seek approval according to norms set by everyone out there, always some else’s blueprint, where is the individuality and need for Self, because the divine feminine is so powerful. Why does it feel like women want to compete with men …..…(be men?)……they win hands down anyway. We like women with opinions and confidence to be who they wish to be….if they know who they are, women.

But I also move on to keep searching. I don’t know, its just that these woman tend to associate with the feminist culture. Women of strong character, who are resourceful and have good work ethic are fantastic, just those women rarely choose to describe themselves as “driven and independent”……why do some need to do this? Just do what you do.

Just as great leaders rarely describe themselves as such because real leaders just do it, without needing praise. Ego gets in the way of the most simple thing – genuine love between a man and a woman. There is an element of insecurity here, a loss of “identification” with their gender role. Is there a maternal instinct even? Being a loving mother one day, or CEO of a corporate? Us men want to be a lady’s hero ……but we seem to be no longer needed. We will always support everything she does and move heaven and earth and lift her up and we will share all life’s abundance and build together. It is not the dark ages.

Ultimately, I am looking for a ‘huweliksmaat”. Someone to start a family with. A truly feminine lady who knows she is all woman. Given the age gap here, differing views on religion with all the dogma (no room to explore real issues, “my way or the highway”) and outlook of masculine/feminine roles I do not think that XXXXXX and I will do each other any good.

I also wanted to mention that I am not opposed to an English speaking girl. I view life with vision and think deeply and only live by strong moral standards and integrity. I have boundaries but not judgemental as people should grow and transform for the better. The good, the bad and the ugly, we take it in our stride. Of how I make sense of the world. Although I understand that no two people will ever be 100% aligned in how they view life, we need not be clones of each other, I would like to share my all, my everything, with my girlfriend/wife….one day!

Have a wonderful evening.



I truly value the feedback and I realise now what you mean by seeking a perfect partner is not a random thing, it needs a plan. Being new on this platform makes for unchartered waters regarding photos, profiles etc. and having feedback is probably the best tool together with communication to better explore the opportunities that you and the team create for me, and to grow into that which I wish to be to attract that what I wish to find, LOL!. You guys are unbelievably accurate as professional matchmakers given that every individual is unique – you do get it right!

I am happy to read Craig’s feedback and agree that I might come across as conservative in the photos but do not see myself this why – possibly an old soul 😉  I truly respect that he does not feel chemistry and this is not something that anyone can do anything about. I do, however, agree with the lady Doctor that meeting a person is the only way one really gets a sense of someone’s being. I will keep in mind about adjusting my profile (Still early days) and I will value any further input from you and your team.  Your professional way of personal intros is so comfortable as you do all the hard work for me!  I am having fun though meeting stunning guys – where on earth do you find them?

Thank you for your honesty and help.
Kind regards,

Shannon’s Response

Awwwww!  That is so wise and very understanding of you dear Sannet, you have a deep soul (even if an ‘old soul’) …..while exploring these opportunities we soon find out what in general will WORK!! That is the only way any problems ever are resolved! Finding out why something does not work, then having a game plan! It is such a mystery, this thing of attraction …..science and psychologists say we are imprinted from childhood, even on “looks”….so we ask everyone to never take it personally if someone chooses not to meet (they have not stood you up at the wedding ceremony, hee hee!), it is the lack of perception rather, in the other person not to look beyond a very basic profile and pics …and see what a gift it is to learn more about those people who may never have crossed your path in a million years …..then automatically knowledge and insight informs.

Since we have spoken intimately to thousands of single (and even unhappily married men exploring future avenues) men on their “needs” we know how sensitive and delicate their confidence is as being “attracted” directly effects their libido! To find out their attraction is trigger, is a huge challenge but actually very simple – it is simplicity itself and we know the secrets!  It is what emotions we as humans all evoke in each other, and no telling until you meet! After all, we are all seeking THE ONE for you, and 71% of our members have been successful!  Others are still meeting and finding ….

We do have to do an article again on the research by ourselves and matchmakers worldwide, on how easy it is to be attractive to guys, enough to get to a first date…..once there, to dazzle and impress and win their undying attention!  As mentioned, us women look for good qualities and traits in men …..our need as the female species is to feel safe, approved and cherished, not a libido thing, and we empower you to hit the jackpot.

All good then angel …..we test the waters again next week!!

Fond Regards


Hi dear Shannon and Inge,

I don’t quite know how to explain how I feel!!  My excitement at meeting James was high – so handsome, tall and smart and he looked like the catch of the year for me! Our first chat on the phone was great and it seemed to be on!

I exit feeling nothing but irritation and confusion because all the ingredients were right, but we just did NOT hit if off!  Why do I feel so CROSS!

Through your sensible date coaching I am able to see it is not your fault and dealing with it (I must never turn and blame someone else, but even after self-assessment, I can’t find a reason! Am I mad! J).  I cannot deny your sensitive professional service you give us singles searching for love, is invaluable, and I now know what you mean by “experiential date coaching”…..in real moments like these it is best to deal with it right away or you just fester and go toxic.

So when James and I met up over this past weekend it was just a downer.  It really didn’t go well.  We have very different world views although no real debate happened, and I found him offensive.  He didn’t do anything directly offensive or unkind towards to me and was attentive and polite, but I found it very hard to start and sustain a conversation and obviously, he did also did not wish to explore my personality.  I am sure he felt the same way, it was futile.  We just couldn’t establish a rapport or common ground.

Have a lovely week!

Shannon’s Response

Thanks dear Marianne ……….we are sorry about this!! We really sympathize, it must have been very awkward!  It is not like James …we usually have awesome feedback and he takes his dates on amazing adventures…..always fun and easy going although highly professional, he has a playful side too…..(and yes, drop dead gorgeous but luckily does not even know this, so he is not arrogant)…….maybe he is going through a rough patch, we apologise on his behalf!

We will though gently check in with him if he needs time out if he cannot be attentive ……..!! The last feedback was glowing on how much fun he is ……..gosh, people confuse us! LOL!

Fact is, we win some, we lose some …and we lose more often than win!!  It is really about the ONE WIN you need!  Another fact is people simply do not always gel, the greatest mystery is attraction amongst humans (no scientist can even explain) and as real as attraction is, so is the fact we even repel some others, even DISLIKE people instantly!  A match can be perfect in our analysis, as it appeared to be here, but only by meeting can you let the primal, divine and magic forces play out!

Did you know?  Some scientists put it down to our pheromones, how we smell even?  We all have our signature “smell” …not even hidden by perfume etc., and maybe this is how evolution made sure humans bred with the right gene pool!  LOL!  horribly cold and scientific hey!  An early warning sign your genes just will clash …and give rise to maybe a strange new human race…Hahahaha!!

When we accept we just are NOT meant to love everyone as an evolved species, we adapt to being happily confident when we do find people we “belong with” and accept it is not rejection when we do wish to connect but simply have no common ground and cannot, not something wrong with us ….it is just DNA, or something not meant to be!

We look forward to the next!! You are a most lovely lady and popular, so more on the way!

And this thing called love and lust!!

Hi Shannon and Inge, how are my favourite matchmakers and gurus doing today!

I met with Jean. She really is a lovely person and I am spinning a little, just a little!  Hoping for more. I can definitely see how she would be a valuable life partner. I also really enjoy her feminine energy. 

I am however on the fence on whether I am attracted to her as a final and last “for ever” partner. I am scared to move forward but have the hope that the attraction will grow.

In the past I dated a very cool girl who I felt similar about. We were together for almost three years. I kept hoping the attraction will come. In the end, I realised that attraction cannot really grow. If anything, it gets rather bleak and you feel bad about exiting, but your professional matching advice has been beyond helpful and saved me from wasting my time again – no more struggling for three years hoping!

It has to be there from the start. I felt guilty then, and I feel a bit guilty now. I mean these are awesome girls, why can’t I just find them attractive? I mean like really, “I want to ravish you” attractive. Is it me or them? I’ve had two relationships where I felt that I couldn’t keep my hands off the girl – which I really enjoyed………..but they quickly burnt out…..was it because there was no glue, no bond yet?

I have met some of the loveliest ladies in the country through you and know I am very eligible too (I try hard), but some days I feel so dead, like love just won’t come!  I do not just want the physical – I would be very cynical and even turn hard-ass if it were not for your amazing care and encouragement! You are surely the best matchmakers in the world!  I always look forward to new introductions …and learning to understand the meaning of love.

I’m going to propose to Jean that we continue as friends as I feel we have a lot in common and could share some good times together, and maybe that deep fire burning will explode into a volcano.

What do you think?


Shannon’s response

Thanks dear Stan ……we understand your dilemma entirely!!  “I want to ravish you”, hee hee, is that confusion around lust!!  Fact is according to human history (see last two newsletters, we covered this exact syndrome), lasting love does start with attraction with an element of sexual interest …..in friendship first…..and GROWS from there…playing the waiting game is very erotic and pays off big time…….sexual tension grows with flirting and imagining that ONE DAY when you get to the ravishing!! Never suppress your feelings, and always act with a conscious awareness of results …….if it is a fling, so be it, but let the sexual tension build along with your new friendship……..and see where it goes!

We cannot express our gratitude enough that you are working with us – always a very fine guy and on top of your game, getting better at it every day! It is a huge asset to us to have such an eligible, good looking and smart guy to work with and for, as you are always a great hit!  Many of our lovely ladies are disappointed they were not The One to be ravished! LOL!!  but the day will come …….hang in there!

And yes, we do believe our professional matchmaking and date ready advice helps!  We have saved you countless futile hours, hunting in dangerous waters and exposing yourself to unsuitable others, money on dates and precious energy by picking out your kinda ladies where there is always potential…….we believe we have the recipe right now, it is just a matter of chemistry happening!

Simply put, you may not be ready for a “for ever relationship” and still need to have some casual fun!  LOL!

Maybe avoid over-thinking or being intense, let it grow as it will!! Love will find you!!


Larry and Liz - a fabulous new passionate relationship!!

Hi  to my awesome matchmakers:

You asked me for feedback in terms of lovely Liz:  Please see below. It finally happened!  I didn’t know what hit me!

I met Liz on Friday last week, and to be completely honest, not a doubt, we got on like a house on fire!  We both like each other is a really cool and crazy way. 

I am so lucky to be here, and to have eventually met the woman of my dreams, my heart’s desire – I thought it would never happen, but you were right, persistence pays off!

Honestly, I have been  around the world and know what awesome matchmakers you are, your dedication goes beyond just service – you are right as professional matchmakers when you say this a science and an art!  I would hate your “job” …….I am so fussy I would hate to even try to date me! LOL!

Finally, it was a perfect match in every way.  Emotionally, physically, everything.  We just matched…….I am dazed!! Like we have known each other a life time.   I never thought I could find love again at 49!  Been around the globe and met the best eligible bachelorettes in the world, and here you have my perfect match!

Thanks for all your gentle care and patience, you guys are special, and even forgave me when I moaned!!  You never let me lose hope …… I still live with the memory of many lonely nights and dark hours, wondering where my love was!  Casual sex just did not do it for me anymore, as you say, no quick fixes! I never want to go there again, I have something more precious than any treasures.

Was it luck or science? We will never know …maybe both!  I can’t stop wondering ………

Fond regards,

Larry and Liz


Shannon’s Response

Hi dear Larry,

We are thrilled you and Liz hit off immediately!!  That is what it is all about!! It was your time! Yes, we know people wait anxiously and fret over how long it can take sometimes, but that is the way it happens!  Fact is, the more movement and activity you keep up, the sooner it will happen ….and the more ladies you agree to meet, ONE of them is bound to attract you, even if you were not sure when looking at the profile – only way is to MEET!

We have NEVER promised a perfect match on the push of a button! We guarantee introductions to potentially perfect matches …we are only agents of upmarket singles introductions to compatible others (see our website and all our stuff)…..but then you need to do your bit ad go out and meet, because you never know (what you do know is you have great potential, and need to tap into it) with nothing to lose!! You need to meet the ladies …and they should meet you…you each have your role in the outcomes…..and it helps to read our advice on how the fine-tuned strategy works……J

It is no chance you met Liz, LOL!! …..you would never have known the other even existed, we introduced you, thank goodness you agreed to meet and love found you!!  Incredible energy exploded in a marvellous, wonderful way ….because you were right for each other, and were the right people because we matched you, the time was right …..and the energy was right …..because we had found a perfect match for both of you….even if you had nearly given up.

But yes …love strikes us all by chance …..it comes out the blue when least expected, that is why we say keep looking, keep meeting others!!  It does happen!!  We have the finest “others” and not to be sniffed at! Then we go from being dogs to being heroes! Only 1 in 100 first dates for a totally new member is a first meet success story…it takes as long as it takes, often because people are not doing it right.

We send all our good wishes for a wonderful new start in your life and a bright future together!

When there is just no chemistry!!

Hi Shannon and Inge,

Just giving you some feedback and feeling a little low – this is not easy!  I must say though I am meeting the most fabulous ladies, and I mean LADIES! I just wish they would be as keen as I am, but understand patience is important and maybe I am still a bit rusty.

I certainly have proved to myself I am confident to date though and had some very lovely meet-ups (as you say, until there is a spark, it is not a real date yet!). I am having fun and may have made a few new friends, so my spirit is strong.

I am an the owner of a huge company and know what it is like dealing with so many diverse people, and have to compliment on your utmost caring and professional service.  Your expert date coaching and advice has been remarkable.  Definitely not just a random pursuit when we singles go dating seriously!

Fond regards to you all,


Shannon’s response

Thanks dear Dan …..Cherise also says she thoroughly enjoyed your company and you are a very fine man, but no real chance of chemistry ………so well done!!  I think she may not have been very clear, but she is definitely not in a committed relationship….yet!!  we never take on people who not free and available.

As is the custom, members meet many new friends ….until there is a definite spark both ways, and until they feel they wish to commit and “try it out in an exclusive relationship” – having The Talk, and letting us know, they will not see others (but we never pry or mention because it is of no relevance yet until you go exclusive, which means they break off and stop other contacts) so maybe she has recently met someone and now decided to give it a go….I think this is what she meant!

We wish the same for you …to hone your social and dating skills with our professional matchmaking advice, make friends (with a flirtatious edge of course as you are BOTH here seeking a partner) and let the cream rise to the top…as it always does….you heart will tell you, and usually it is mutual!

So on we march dearest …..and keep your first goals in mind step by step …….meet for the rendezvous (to check out potential), if there is attraction, angle for the next meet-up, which is really the first real date …….then only think long term potential, love sex and marriage!!  LOL!

But for the first rendezvous, the point is to impress, dazzle and nab her attention enough to get a foot in the door ….the rest is a natural process!

Being attentive, friendly and fun company is your goal ……..no need to invest emotionally until that spark is evident, both ways!

Always in love and light, and have a great long weekend, we are on it again on Tuesday……



I think that you are placed into peoples lives for a reason

My dear Shannon, I think that you are placed into peoples lives for a reason. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky and what I have done to deserve a friend like you. People have come and gone out of my life, but for some reason you never left. Your friendship is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. You always have time, you always care. 

I could write a book about the positive affect you have had on my life. Your heart is of the purest that I have ever known and I felt your spirit the second I met you. Your energy and smile radiates and love and compassion that you show for others is special. I am so grateful to be affected and influenced by you. I hope that one day I can be half of the person that you are. 

You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You loved me when I was hard to love. You listened to me when I didn’t have a voice and let me cry  when I was broken. But most importantly, you never give up on me. That is special. 

You know me to my core. You know what makes me smile and what ticks me off. You can tell in an instant when I am upset and then continue to do everything in your power to make me feel better. If I am going through something, you are the first person to text me to make sure I am okay. When my confidence lags, you reassure me of myself. I have never had a bad moment with you. 

You fill my life with an immense amount of happiness and love. I know that wherever life takes us, you will be part of my life. If we don’t talk for some time, we pick up right where we left off. Whenever I need you, I know you will always be there. 

You are the epitome of a beautiful human being. I hope that every person in this world has someone like you in their lives. Shannon, you are the best! 

Fond regards

You have really found me a most awesome gentleman

Dear Shannon,

A month has passed since Andre and I have decided to commit to a more serious relationship. Since then we have been wanting to write an email to you to inform you of our decision. You have really found me a most awesome gentleman – a true man, principled but fun and he treats me like a queen!  I am very lucky I found my perfect partner.

We are both extremely happy with our newly found love and friendship. We can imagine ourselves a life together, we are so compatible and appreciate even the small things that make life worthwhile, and want to use the next few months to get to grow closer.

We want to thank you for your initiative to match the 2 of us. We will keep you informed of any progress.

Kind regards,
Andre and Karin

A fairy tale come true!!

Hi Shannon and Inge

You don’t need to send me any more profiles at this stage because I believe I have found my perfect partner yes I got frustrated many times and was close to giving up and stop looking for a partner. However you send me the profile of a lady I though only exists in fairy tales, I contacted her, I met with her and life has a new meaning. I laughed when my daughter watched these fairy tales, where a lady meets her prince in shining Armour, well thanks to you I found a princess. Your professional matchmaking is superb and thanks for all the continuous care and patience, even when I was despondent!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

Regards and love and light back to you guys!

Shannon’s Response

Ahhhh, that is so wonderful of you to email us this good news dear JH, and also lovely chatting ……..indeed, fairy tales do come true even if they take their own time!! It happens when the time is right because the universe KNOWS when your heart is free and open ……and usually, this is when you are gatvol and stop trying too hard, it then happens when the energy is clear!

We wish you and LB a fabulous festive season, and please keep in touch, we will miss you, but are thinking about you.

Always in love and light until next time, and blessings for an incredible 2018!

Fond Regards

Very happy with coaching service! Thanks Veronica!

Hi Veronica

Thank you for our session yesterday. You have affirmed that I am on the right track to look for my own special friend and hopefully to find love again.  I feel more confident about presenting the best of me (photo shoot today!) and actively looking out for potential partners, even among the friends I have had for years or the men I come into contact with through work, though I do of course hope that Perfect Partners will find “the one”!

My experience so far has been great – your whole team of matchmakers has made a big difference to my views on the business of find love again.

You do a wonderful job and must help so many people. Very special. I now realise this takes a dating strategy and is not a hit-and-miss, even though you are my matchmakers, I need to check out every “potential” that crosses my path – I have been hiding for too long! It is true I need to let “others” know I am available and not wait in my ivory tower.

Many thanks,