The Worst Year In History Was Our Best Year Ever – Happily Married And Loving It!

Hi dearest Shannon and Team,

Indeed, the best news ever is we got married two weeks ago in a private ceremony as we could not outwait the pandemic (and lockdowns) any longer, and we are the happiest couple on the planet!! We wish we could have invited you to share the joy, but we will plan a simple beach ceremony when we can.

Dating during hard lockdown proved challenging but we were very creative and nothing was going to stop us once we found our love was truly growing daily – everything is possible and living in the NOW meant we did not forfeit Fate’s bounty by not trying when love comes knocking you have one chance. We had a ton of fun actually!

I personally enjoyed my journey to finding love again with you guys, every moment and very much! I learnt a lot and made some very awesome friends that will always be part of my life, as not one guy I met through your dating agency was ever ‘strange or flaky’ – I learnt new values and you guided me well to make the RIGHT choice, and the moment Deon and I met, I just knew it in my heart, and obviously, so did he! I have been adored, respected, felt safe and know we have something magical that will last a lifetime. And my love for him knows no boundaries, we fit together perfectly in that dance you call the ‘tango of love’ as we sway in harmony and already building a legacy.

Our message to others out there yearning for that special divine gift of lasting love – never give up, and always listen to your heart, never make choices you may regret, and get guidance if you need it! Personal intros are the safe and informal way to safely meet the right others, and that is half the battle, finding those you not only find visually attractive but also connect at a heart and mind level. And never throw away a great opportunity based on assumptions – you have to do the work and meet everyone, even if then not for you, you know the choice to not invest it the right choice, not negative or a failure (real failure is when you do not even try), as you saved yourself a lot of anguish later.

Please keep sending your CLUB NEWS as we always learn something, and a quick read is better than hours browsing, you always give really good advice!!

Much love to you all, our ‘virtual family’, and we will let you know when we do the beach thing!!

Mica and Deon

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