A Profound And Magical Moment – Love Found Us

Hello lovely Shannon

I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful snuggly weather. The upcoming full moon is pulling its magic and guidance on us. How much better can it get 😊

PD and I have seriously HIT IT OFF 😍 and as short as time has been we have decided to continue together on a journey. We just know! No “conditions” and “if we this or that” as nothing can get in the way and everything is negotiable. It feels like we have known each other forever and we just fit together like a hand in a glove and so instinctively just “feel” each other, no words can describe – it must be what gurus always talk about, destiny – an instant past life jolt of a long-awaited re-connection from lifetimes ago. It’s been a profound experience and a magical week. Every day it just gets stronger as we discover more about each other. This is my TWIN FLAME!!

So I don’t need any new profiles to come my way.

Yay 😁 Thank you for sending this beautiful man into my heart space. You worked your magic.

I have so loved the beautiful chats we have had. You truly are a shining light who has spun your wisdom and kindness into my Being. 💖

Love, light and blessings

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