The Best Valentine Weekend Of My Life – Got My First Kiss Too

Good morning Shannon and Alma,

I am walking on Cloud 9!! Just an update that all is going really well with DB and me after 3 dates, and the whole weekend was a Valentine weekend, he is the most amazing guy I have ever met, thanks to my special caring dating agency and matchmaker. He brought me beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day. We get on so well we met on Saturday and on Sunday.

Also got my first kiss from he is a real gentleman.

I can chat to him for hours on end and don’t want to leave his side. I know he is very smart, but somehow I keep up with him and also always eager to learn more as he is also wise and mature, and we never stop laughing – you were right – he has a wicked sense of humour blended with irony. I also know we need to take things slow. ……….and I know he is really honouring and respecting me!

I’ve never met a great person like him. We are going on a picnic date on Friday… that’s if my boss approves my request for a day’s leave.

There is just something about him that does not make me feel insecure around him. Like all the other intros I felt very insecure and not worldly enough. I know I have met a man who is patient and caring, my heart is safe, even if early days.

So looking forward to my long weekend yay!

Love to you all too, and thanks for the fairy dust and moonbeams,

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