Simplistic idea on time and life’s journey

Hi dearest Shannon,

Thanks so much for your simplistic idea on time and life’s journey, it is a beautiful way of looking at life, so true, every moment in time is taking us to some final destination (because we all have one, one day), and being stuck in one spot brings no joy or fulfilment, it is done with and needs to be boxed!! So I am very happy to meet with GE, and I have finally moved on from SJ, I really needed this nudge to get on with life and meet the awesome bachelors you have been introducing to me….here I go with renewed energy!  

I want to thank you again for being really expert date coaches and professional matchmakers for our corporate dating world, in my 7 months with you I have learnt so much, see dating, love and relationships through new eyes, and am very empowered now to make better – and lasting – decisions!

All the date tips helped prepare me, and your “in the moment” coaching is better than getting a PhD in dating, if there was a place to even get this! LOL!

My fondest wishes to you all, and keep up the good work – you are the best dating site ever!

Fond Regards

Response from Shannon

Awesome angel, you rock as always!!  Proud of you!!  It is so necessary to keep with the flow  and the rhythm of life…..and so easy to stagnate, we get into a bit of a comfort zone and it just so less hassle, but there is plenty time to do that one day when we arrive at our destination, even if it is a pit stop …….life is full of gifts!!

I have a very wise mentor/guru and he asked me a while back “where do you see yourself down the line?”…….”down the line” was quite descriptive because time and the future is relative and infinite…..I said my life is this train and it is headed to the end of the journey as surely every journey has an end, sure as nuts, when or where is to be revealed one day, in the meantime, the train stops at little stations along the way and I get off and explore, and once ready, it is hop back on the train to the next stop down the line…..and every stop is the “now” that I revel in, enjoy, “feel” and just appreciate ……….better even for the next stop!  One day you find the “stop” which you do not want to leave, just yet, and only time will tell when …….until life forces you back on the train ……J  (not exactly rocket science, hee hee, but that is how I see it!  Momentum never stops!). And then we keep in mind, there is a terminus and it all ends, so never waste a moment.

In quantum physics the past is but a record of events, when we bring back the past, we bring it into the present in that present moment which is the “now” again (good and bad, and then box it back in the past where it belongs as it has served its purpose and is gone), the future is but a plan that has no guarantees, so all we have is the reality of the present!!

Great then on SJ …….he too is so wrapped in his journey….maybe he will get off his juggernaut and also stop to appreciate the “now”, with some encouragement! J

Brilliant on GE …….believe it, if successful, the rewards are beyond imagination!  If not, our train moves on angel!!

Have the most awesome day, and BIG HUGS!!

Lotsa love and light until next time!

Fond Regards



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