Just sharing from a fabulous guy’s honest heart

From: Joe

Hi Inge,

Thanks for all the attention that you guys give me. I genuinely appreciate it. You are the most rocking professional matchmakers with a genuine passion and I feel I can share my thoughts with you. 

XXXXXX is a beautiful woman and highly educated and competent but I am not picking up on her “heart” vibration. I am however not going to go forward with her, as awesome as she appears to be. I find it difficult to verbalize the mechanics of my decision, but I’ll apply some effort:

When a girl describes herself as a “strong independent woman who is climbing the corporate ladder” and is ambition and goal driven, I am very happy for her, and wish her the best. It seems like they seek approval according to norms set by everyone out there, always some else’s blueprint, where is the individuality and need for Self, because the divine feminine is so powerful. Why does it feel like women want to compete with men …..…(be men?)……they win hands down anyway. We like women with opinions and confidence to be who they wish to be….if they know who they are, women.

But I also move on to keep searching. I don’t know, its just that these woman tend to associate with the feminist culture. Women of strong character, who are resourceful and have good work ethic are fantastic, just those women rarely choose to describe themselves as “driven and independent”……why do some need to do this? Just do what you do.

Just as great leaders rarely describe themselves as such because real leaders just do it, without needing praise. Ego gets in the way of the most simple thing – genuine love between a man and a woman. There is an element of insecurity here, a loss of “identification” with their gender role. Is there a maternal instinct even? Being a loving mother one day, or CEO of a corporate? Us men want to be a lady’s hero ……but we seem to be no longer needed. We will always support everything she does and move heaven and earth and lift her up and we will share all life’s abundance and build together. It is not the dark ages.

Ultimately, I am looking for a ‘huweliksmaat”. Someone to start a family with. A truly feminine lady who knows she is all woman. Given the age gap here, differing views on religion with all the dogma (no room to explore real issues, “my way or the highway”) and outlook of masculine/feminine roles I do not think that XXXXXX and I will do each other any good.

I also wanted to mention that I am not opposed to an English speaking girl. I view life with vision and think deeply and only live by strong moral standards and integrity. I have boundaries but not judgemental as people should grow and transform for the better. The good, the bad and the ugly, we take it in our stride. Of how I make sense of the world. Although I understand that no two people will ever be 100% aligned in how they view life, we need not be clones of each other, I would like to share my all, my everything, with my girlfriend/wife….one day!

Have a wonderful evening.


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